5 Updates to Dramatically Change Your Bathroom

Disclosure: Today’s post is written in collaboration with Antalis. The opinions are my own.

Does your home need a makeover?  Whether you’re improving your home for your family or updating it so you can put it on the market, real estate experts will tell you to focus on your kitchen and bathrooms.  A bathroom update may be as simple as a coat of paint and a new light fixture, or you can go all out and install new flooring, new wall tiles, a new shower, the works! Today I’ve written about 5 different updates you can make to dramatically change your bathroom.

1. Update the Shower Glass – Perhaps you don’t need a new shower.  You can give your bathroom a great update just by installing a new shower door. You can also update your current shower glass with Window Decoration Films. These elegant and decorative glass finishes are used to control light and protect privacy while enhancing interior aesthetics.  You can choose window films with colors, etched, frosted finishes, geometric & organic shapes, and opaque light-blocks.


2. New Tile – At my house, we had a bathroom with old green tile from the 60s.  We removed this tile and updated our bathroom with wainscoting. Alternatively, you can install new bathroom tile bring you bathroom in to the 2020s.  You can install tile around your tub and shower as seen above, or go all out and tile you entire bathroom, as seen in the picture below.  New tile can

Tile comes in a variety of materials like ceramic, porcelain and natural stone, for bathroom flooring, walls and shower surrounds, and it comes in a variety of colors and styles as well.  A full renovation with new tile can give your bathroom a fresh, clean look, and help it to stand out and make a statement.


3. New Lighting – One of the easiest and cost effective ways to update your bathroom is with new lighting.  Not only are the old fixtures dated and out of style, but most older light fixtures don’t give off a lot of light, leading your bathroom to look extra dull.

Remove dated light fixtures and install a new light bar, fixtures, or sconces that are fresh and modern. If it’s in your budget, consider installing recessed lighting above your shower and vanity areas. Above all, choose lighting that is bright. As the bathroom is the place most people get ready, you should choose opt for incandescent, LED, or CFL bathroom light bulbs with a color temperature of 3500K-4100 Kelvins, as they capture your skin, hair, and outfits in detail and with a similar color accuracy as in daylight.

4. Update Your Vanities and Sinks – Another change you can make on practically any budget is to update your sink and vanity.  If your existing vanity or sink is a little dated, a shiny new faucet may be enough to give your bathroom the subtle update it needs.  If you have a more dated vanity cabinet, a simple coat of paint and new door and drawer handles could give you a modern look without even investing in a new vanity.

For a more drastic update, consider a completely new sink and vanity. If you have small space to work with or enjoy a minimalist style, you could opt for a pedestal sink, a free-standing or a floating vanity.  But if you are like me and prefer to have more storage area and functionality, you’d probably prefer a vanity cabinet, which comes in variety of materials, styles, and color to fit your unique tastes.

5. New Tub and Shower – Finally, you can go all out and install a new shower or bathtub. While installing a new shower door, decorating your current door, or simply installing new tiles around your existing tub and shower may be a good and more cost effective option for you, especially if you are updating to sell, in some cases new tub or shower may be necessary.  Apart from the aesthetics, often old tubs and showers have mildew and mold and other issues that call for the entire thing to be ripped out and replaced.  A whole new tub and shower is great selling point if you putting your house on the market, and it can definitely be an asset for your family’s health, and transform the look of your bathroom.


Have you done a bathroom update recently?  I’d love to see it.  Leave your links in the comments or contact @SimplySweetHome on Instagram to share your ideas!


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