Fun and Effective Options to Give Your Workouts an Extra Boost

Any kind of workout is good for you, as long as you’re moving. But what if your workouts could do more for you, and have an even bigger positive effect? Whether you’re looking for something new to try or you want to slightly switch up your usual workouts, there are some fun ways you can do things a little differently. By changing the intensity, speed, or even the setting of your workouts, you could see even better and faster results. Think about what your goals are and what you really want from your workouts, before you consider the following ways to try something new.

Get Extra Sweaty

Exercising can already be pretty sweaty work. If you’re not breaking a sweat, you’re probably doing pretty low-intensity workouts. What you might not know, though, is that your workout could get even sweatier without you having to move more. Hot workout sessions like those run by HOTWORX are an amazing way to make your workouts more intense and effective. You’ve probably heard of hot yoga, but you can also do everything from spin classes to barre in a hot environment. Raising your temperature can help boost your metabolism, improve cardiovascular fitness, and increase your ability to heal.

Add Some Tools

A simple way to change your workout a little is to add a prop or tool to your usual moves. Using a weight or other prop to alter your workout can change how you’re moving, add some resistance, and increase the intensity. Using things like dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted medicine balls, resistance bands and more when you’re doing pushups, situps or other moves in the gym will help you to burn more calories and really feel the burn. It will help you to engage your muscles more and get a more intense workout than you’re already getting.

Change Up the Tempo

Switching up the speed of your workouts is another effective way to get more from them. And the benefits don’t just go in one direction. Whether you choose to speed things up or slow them down, you could find that your workouts are helping you in new ways. High-intensity interval training is one way to make your workouts faster, working out in short but intense bursts. But if you want to make things slower, it can be a good way to challenge your muscles. If you’re lifting weights, it can take more control to slowly lift and put them down, as well as to hold them in place for longer.

Make It a Competition

Getting competitive is amazing for motivation, and it can make your workouts feel a lot more fun too. You can compete with others or you could just stick to competing with yourself, trying to beat the records you have set or giving yourself a challenge. Make a deal with some friends or workout buddies to compete with each other, or even just secretly compete with the person on the treadmill next to you. It will push you to do more than ever.

Give your workouts an extra boost by switching things up and finding new ways to challenge yourself.

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