Eliana God Has Answered Book Review

Over the years, I have read a number of books, including classic fiction, young adult fiction, history books, nonfiction books, and more.  But over the last few years I’ve limited myself on my reading. Aside from our homeschool curriculum and any books that can help us in our homeschooling journey, I have only accepted book review requests from books that I feel are uplifting or inspirational.  Eliana, God Has Answered by Candance Maria Charbonne clearly fits in to this.

In today’s world, we have a lot of people living with anxiety, depression, a lack of identity, and many have a profound sense of loss. I firmly believe that God is the solution to so many of these problems, and that if we learn to lean on him and find our identity in him, we can overcome anything.

In Eliana, God Has Answered, Candance Maria Charbonne tells the ultimate story of a profound loss, and the story of a recovery through Jesus Christ.  Here’s a synopsis of the story:

Candace Charbonné and her family faced an unthinkable reality when she was told her 37 week 5 day old baby she was carrying no longer had a heartbeat. In this captivating and heartfelt memoir Candace takes you through the devastating details and raw emotions of giving birth to a stillborn baby, the ensuing grief and the saving Grace of Jesus Christ in her darkest hours. The details of her faith-filled journey leaves readers in awe of God’s intentional nature through her detailing of everyday miracles and His ability to strengthen and evolve her faith so she could walk the path leading up to the birth of her son Jeremiah 20 months later. Eliana’s story as told by Candace is the epitomization of a mother’s selfless love transcending death to accept and help her daughter fulfill her God given purpose. Candace Marie Charbonné is a devoted Christian wife and mother originally from Trinidad and Tobago. She and her husband, Ross, live in New Jersey and have four children Alexander, Natalie, Jeremiah, and Eliana who is in heaven. She is an avid tennis player, skier, cook and travel enthusiast who intentionally seeks to grow her relationship with God and pray for others. Her life’s goal is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by fulfilling her God given purpose while supporting her husband and children to do the same.

I was attracted to Candace’s story for a number of reasons. For one, I am a mother one little boy. I’ve never experience what Candace did, but I have dealt with my own infertility issues, and I’m sensitive to anyone who has lost a child or who has trouble conceiving.  Secondly, I’ve had close family who have lost children.  In those cases, a lot of people have the tendancy to wonder why these thing happen, and it is a hard thing to overcome and get past.

I see Candace’s story as an inspiration to anyone who has experience loss. And it is a great reminder that we should trust in God in all things, regardless of the circumstances, and remember that God always has a greater plan for us, even during times of great loss and tragedy.

If this story interests you, or if you know someone whom you think would benefit from reading a story like this, I enoucrage you to purchase Eliana, God Has Answered.


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