Nine Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Lavish

When it comes to making a home feel luxurious, the bathroom is often overlooked. Yet, it’s a space where comfort, relaxation, and even a bit of luxury can make a world of difference. 

For homeowners in Philadelphia, who are accustomed to the city’s mix of historic charm and modern sophistication, upgrading your bathroom to a lavish sanctuary isn’t just an indulgence—it’s a way to enhance your quality of life.

Here are some ways to make your bathroom feel more opulent without breaking the bank.

  • Focus on High-Quality Materials

Philadelphia is known for its enduring architectural heritage, making natural, high-quality materials a good investment. Choose materials like marble, quartz, or high-grade ceramics for countertops, walls, and floors. 

They may come with a higher price tag, (costs for remodeling here can cost you between $70-$75 per square foot) but they stand the test of time both in durability and style. Not to mention, the gleaming surfaces reflect light, immediately boosting your bathroom’s brightness and lavish appeal.

Things to keep in mind

  • Go for Marble or Quartz: These materials are not only visually stunning but are also durable, providing long-term value.
  • Ceramic Tiles: For floors and walls, high-grade ceramic tiles can add a touch of sophistication.
  • Natural Wood Accents: A nod to Philadelphia’s rich architectural history, wood can bring warmth to the space.
  • Spend more on your Bedroom: You could start with the bed and a new mattress to increase comfort. The Philadelphia Mattress Company offers a huge range of mattresses for multiple bed sizes and convenient delivery options. 

  • Pay Attention to the Lighting

Philadelphia homes, especially older, historic ones, may lack ample natural lighting. However, this presents an opportunity to create a carefully crafted lighting plan. Layer different types of lighting—ambient, task, and accent—to add depth and dimension. 

Dimmable LED sconces are perfect for that classic look, while a statement chandelier can provide that much needed glamour.

Things to consider

  • Layering: Use a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting for a more dynamic atmosphere.
  • Dimmable LEDs: Allows you to adjust the mood and save energy.
  • Statement Pieces: Consider a chandelier or other eye-catching light fixtures for added glamour.

  • Choose Underfloor Heating

The chilly Philadelphia winters can make stepping out of a warm shower a chilly experience. Electric underfloor heating systems not only make your bathroom feel cozier but also add an extra layer of lavishness. 

Picture this: stepping out of the shower onto a warm marble floor on a cold winter morning. It’s the kind of comfort you didn’t know you needed until you experience it.

Things to consider

  • Electric Systems: These are the most efficient and easy to install.
  • Thermal Mats: Can be laid under tiles for even heat distribution.
  • Smart Control: Some systems can be controlled via smartphones, giving you the perfect temperature at your fingertips.

  • Incorporate Smart Tech

The state of Philly is no stranger to innovation. From biotech firms to its vibrant start-up culture, the city embraces technology. 

Why not bring that into your bathroom? Smart mirrors with built-in Bluetooth speakers, digital shower panels, and voice-controlled lighting can modernize your bathroom and elevate the overall experience.

Things to consider

  • Smart Mirrors: Comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers and often touch-sensitive controls.
  • Digital Shower Panels: Customize your shower experience with touchscreen controls.
  • Voice-Activated Features: Use voice commands to control lights, fans, and even water temperature.

  • Add Customized Storage

Whether you reside in a historic home in Society Hill or a contemporary loft in Fishtown, space is often at a premium. Customized storage can make your bathroom more functional and less cluttered. 

Built-in shelves in unused nooks, pull-out cabinets, or even a full-length mirror with hidden storage can keep your essentials neatly tucked away, making the space feel larger and more organized.

Things to consider

  • Built-In Shelves: Utilize dead space with custom niches or open shelves.
  • Pull-Out Cabinets: These allow easier access and more effective use of space.
  • Hidden Storage: Mirrors or benches with built-in storage compartments can keep the bathroom clutter-free.

  • Invest in Luxury Fixtures

Luxury fixtures like waterfall showerheads, high-end faucets, and even towel warmers can make a world of difference in your bathroom’s ambiance. Chrome and nickel are timeless choices, but for a trendier touch, consider matte black or brushed gold fixtures.

Things to consider

  • Waterfall Showerheads: Provides a unique and luxurious shower experience.
  • High-End Faucets: Choose fixtures that offer both style and durability.
  • Towel Warmers: A touch of spa-like luxury that is practical for Philadelphia’s colder months.

  • Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere

Turn your bathroom into a personal day spa by incorporating little luxuries like a built-in bench in the shower, plush Turkish or Egyptian cotton towels, and even a freestanding soaking tub if space permits. 

Add scented candles, bath oils, and perhaps a wine holder for the ultimate unwinding experience.

Things to consider

  • Built-In Bench in the Shower: Offers a convenient and relaxing shower experience.
  • Plush Towels: Turkish or Egyptian cotton towels add a layer of luxury.
  • Freestanding Soaking Tub: If space allows, this can become the focal point of your luxurious bathroom.

  • Embrace Art and Accessories

Art is ingrained in Philadelphia’s culture, from the murals that decorate the city to the art museums that line the Parkway. Choose artwork or photography that resonates with you and complements the color scheme. Accessorize with vases, plants, or other decorative items that reflect your personal style.

Things to consider

  • Local Art: Choose pieces that resonate with Philadelphia’s rich artistic culture.
  • Vases and Plants: Greenery can bring life to the bathroom, and decorative vases can add a stylish touch.
  • Accent Pieces: A few well-placed decorative items can pull the whole design together.

  • Hire Local Artisans and Contractors

Last but not least, consider hiring local craftsmen for your renovation. Utilizing local talent not only supports the community but also gives your project a unique, authentic touch. 

Whether it’s custom-made cabinets from a South Philly woodworker or intricate tile work from a local artisan, these details can make your bathroom truly one-of-a-kind.

Things to consider

  • Authentic Details: Custom cabinets or unique tile work can set your bathroom apart.
  • Community Support: Hiring local artisans contributes to Philadelphia’s local economy and nurtures its creative community.


Making your bathroom feel lavish doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing affair. You can choose one or several of these ideas, depending on your budget and needs. 

With the right planning and choices, even the most mundane and outdated bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious oasis, right in the heart of Philadelphia.

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