Top Tips to Revamp Your Rental Property for Summer

When you live in a rental property, it can be challenging to give your home those important personal touches. Many estate agents Essex branches are asked about what they can and can’t do to their rental homes, so we’ve provided some top tips and inspiration below.

Make good use of accessories and homeware

One of the best ways to revamp any rental property is to make clever use of your accessories and homeware. Investing in accessories and items of furniture that you can take with you when you move, is a financially sound move and won’t see you throwing your hard-earned funds at someone else’s property. You could consider the following:-

Accessories – Utilise key home decor pieces such as glassware, vases, ceramics, and more to create an exciting and personality-infused home. This will allow you to experiment with different colours, textures, and finishes that represent your own personal style and mood, without causing any damage or inconvenience to your landlord.

Rugs and flooring – Rugs can add a softness to a room and will instantly elevate its style. There is a wide variety of patterns and styles that can work perfectly alongside your current home decor. Choose a shape and style that compliments your room.

Wall art – Wall art can completely transform large wall spaces that can appear dull and boring. You should consult your landlord if you intend to fix these to the wall with nails or screws as these may cause damage to the walls.

Think about adding temporary and removable decor options

There are various options to consider if you want to take your decor to the next level. Instead of permanent fixtures and fittings, you could consider options such as MDF wall panelling and skirting board covers. This may still require you to consult with your landlord, but the finished look will be stylish and modern. Think about using radiator covers to hide unsightly radiators around your home, these can be purchased ready to paint or fully finished in a colour and design of your choice.

Give your front door a makeover

Your front door is the first thing that guests will see when visiting your property, so giving it a makeover on a budget could be a great idea. You can purchase speciality paint and choose a colour that represents your personality and home decor style. Be sure to ask your landlord if they have any objections or stipulations before you start.

Re-cover or re-upholster your sofa

Your sofa might be looking old and dated, but that doesn’t have to mean purchasing a replacement. Instead, why not look at re-upholstering your sofa or purchasing a new cover? Many companies such as Ikea now offer replacement covers for a wide range of their sofas, making it easy to pick and choose your preferred colour scheme. If this isn’t in your budget right now, then choosing a cosy and bright throw would work just as effectively!

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