Fab Summer interior trends you need to know about

When it comes to styling your home for summer, there are many different design choices to inspire you. Here we look at some of the top on-trend home decor trends for your summer home makeovers. Featuring everything from how to accessorise with practical flooring like rubber mats to find the perfect unique accessories.


Cottagecore and homesteading are relatively new and exciting home decor trends, inspired by the lifestyles of those seeking to be more self-sufficient. They offer design choices such as rustic farmhouse style accessories and traditional fabrics.

Try to incorporate items such as rustic oversized fruit bowls, linen tablecloths, and floral designs. Bringing plenty of natural elements into your cottagecore home design will also elevate and add homely touches to any look.

Gorgeous gardens with beautiful raised beds will provide you with an abundance of floral stems for hand-tied bouquets to display around the home. Growing your own

produce will allow for a fully stocked pantry with delicious items on display. A truly magnificent feast for the eyes and the body!

Beach house decor

Beach house decor is hugely popular right now, especially in the summer months. This style is highly influenced by The Hamptons beach vibe and beachside holiday homes of the rich and famous. To successfully implement this look in your own home, you should start by looking for the perfect natural-toned sofas and armchairs with the ideal blend of comfort and style.

Shaker-style kitchens in cool white colourways or warm natural sand-inspired tones are the way to go when designing from scratch. Brushed gold accents in the form of handles and hardware will elevate this look from stylish to ultra-chic.

<h2>Minimalist chic</h2>

The minimalist home decor trend is back in a big way this summer. Think Kim Kardashian’s all-white mansion but on a far more affordable and attainable level. Some key points to add to this home design makeover are white paints in various tones. There are many different ‘white’ tones of paint, with each one offering a slightly different look to the room.

Accessories should be simple and underrated. Minimalist artwork from trendy new designers can help to add a focal and talking point to any area.

Witchy vibes

If you are looking to add some witchy vibes to your interior decor, then think along the lines of the movie Practical Magic. The house from this film may have been custom-built as a studio set, but it is still inspiring a whole generation of home decor fans who love to embrace more natural witchy home styles.

Bring the outdoors in with a variety of medicinal plants and healing herbs such as Calendula and rosemary. These look pretty in delicate vases and can be used to create everyday materials such as tinctures and salves. Use crystals as part of your home decor by placing them on display around your home on shelves and bookcases. Celestial-themed accessories will add to the overall look.

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