5 Ways to Prioritize Your Health & Well Being

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Responsival. The opinions are my own.

We live in a fast-paced world where there is so much to do. As a Mom who homeschools and works from home, my to-do list is never-ending.  As I’m taking care of kids, teaching kids, cooking, cleaning, and working my own business, often my own health and well-being might take a back seat, but it shouldn’t be this way.  Today I’m sharing 5 ways that you can prioritize your own health and well being, without sacrificing all the other things that are important to you.


I’m starting with exercise, because this something that so many people skip.  Quite often it gets skipped because people simply don’t have the time.  But there are many ways you can make time for exercise.  For starters, consider getting some desk exercise equipment. Before having a baby to look after, I spent hours and hours a day behind a desk, and even now I find myself spending at least an hour at my computer.  With an under the desk elliptical or seated elliptical you can easily get your exercise in, while doing your desk job!

No desk job?  Then head outdoors with your kiddos or your furry companion and let the exercise begin.  You can also find ways to “sneak” a little exercise in to your day.  When I go shopping, I usually park away from the store, so I have to walk farther, and this gives me a little extra exercise.  You can also think of ways to turn daily tasks and errands in to exercise.  For example, you can wash your own car by hand instead of running it through a car wash.  Yard work like trimming hedges and picking up branches and yard clippings also gives you a lot of exercise.

Eat Breakfast

Take time to eat breakfast.  This seems like a no-brainer to a lot of people, but so many people skip breakfast!  I’ve often made the mistake of skipping breakfast myself, but I find that when I have breakfast it makes such a difference in how my day goes.  I feel more energized, more focused; I’m in a happier mood, and I can get more things done!  Some breakfast ideas I love at the start of my day include scrambled eggs, oatmeal, fruit, and muffins. (Check out these Banana Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins.  They are deliciously healthy and kid-friendly!)

I also love a good smoothie or a nutritional shake like Ensure or just a glass of milk with Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed in or a little bit of Morning Motivator, a caffeine-free, organic superfood blend.

Take Vitamins & Needed Supplements

Again, this may seem so easy that is not worth mentioning, and yet so many people spend their days not feeling well, because they do not have a good vitamin regimen.  A multi-vitamin is a great place to start, but your health care professional or nutritionist can point out other supplements you might need to fit your lifestyle and health care goals.  I, for one, suffer from migraines, and I’ve also struggled with anxiety and have trouble sleeping, so my neurologist has recommended supplements for me to take to help with that.

Get Plenty of Rest

I struggle with getting plenty of rest.  Recently I’ve began taking supplements and even a prescription that aids with sleep.  But you can do other things to ensure you get plenty of rest.  You should have a good bedtime routine.  Make sure that the room where you sleep is clean and not cluttered and have a room that has your ideal sleeping environment. I, for example, need a cool, dark room. I like to have a fan running or white noise in the background, and absolutely no tv or radio playing.

Your bedtime routine should also include ways to wind down, like reading a book.  I do story time with my son, and then we do a devotional reading each night, and prayer.  It also helps me to set an alarm to off 15 minutes before going to bed, so we don’t stay up too late.

Have Personal Time Each Day

One part of personal health and well being that often gets neglected is having our own personal time.  As a busy mom, I often find it hard to find time for myself.  A lot of parents like to schedule their personal time first thing in the morning before their kids get up or late at night after their kids go to bed.  For me, any personal time I get usually comes in the middle of the afternoon.  At this time of day my son gets his own free time after school, and our granddaughter takes her nap at this time, so this is a good time for me if I want to do some reading, listen to music, or just sit back and relax with a snack.

If you’re like me and you struggle with finding personal time for yourself each day, I suggest writing down your schedule and seeing where you can make that time for yourself.  This could be time for prayer and meditation.  It could be time to read or listen to your favorite music or even a podcast your enjoy.  Or it could be time to spend journaling, doing artwork, gardening, or another hobby you enjoy.  Above all, it should be spent doing something you enjoy and something that is good for your soul.

And it doesn’t have to be at the same time each day.  If your schedule varies, trying making a time-blocked to-do list and scheduling yourself 15-30 minutes of free time each day.


The truth is, it takes only a little bit of time each day to do these things.  You can make a little change here and a little change there, and it will add up to big things in your life.  And as you do things to prioritize your health and well being, it should ultimately make you feel better so that you can do more than ever before!



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