The Dining Room Makes a Comeback in 2023 and Here’s How to Make Sure You’re Ready

There are always ways to spruce up your home’s design, with new color, new fixtures, and maybe even a bit more renovation. One area that many homeowners have seem to forget about is the dining room. But don’t worry, 2023 promises to breathe new life into the space and the once-shamed space will return in style.

The idea is to bring back the dinner party and make the dining room the center of attention. Chances are you may live in a home that doesn’t have a separate dining room or, if it does, it has sat dormant for years as the dining room fell out of favor among home designers. But contact the best interior designer in Los Angeles, and they will tell you that those days are gone. The dining room is back. And there are ways you can freshen it up without carving out a new space or renovating it completely.

Dining Rooms Need Warm, Dark Woods

It’s not new, but dark wood tones are making a resurgence and promise to highlight dining room designs as a top trend in 2023. Los Angeles interior designers are seeing more wood and darker stains make their way into homes, and the dining room is a perfect place for this. The color and tone offer warmth and character in a room that is set aside for relaxed dining and hours of entertainment with family and friends.

The good news is that a dark wood dining room table is not likely to go out of style. They are more traditional and timeless, so there’s no worry that it may just be a trend in furniture design that happens to cost a decent amount of money.

Make it Personal

When it comes to a space used in your home to entertain, you should make every effort to use the space as a way to express yourself. Put your personality into the dining room and make a statement with your choices. Perhaps there is a special color for the walls that you’ve always wanted to try, or a family antique that needs a home, or a concept wall that needs an intricate wallpaper design or a bold color. Your dining room is the perfect place to personalize a space, and to bring that eclectic feeling back that makes your style so unique.

Surprise with Glam

It’s not every room that can handle a little glamour in your design. Fortunately, a dining room is just the right place to show off. For years, the dining room was purely functional, serving as the most logical place for larger gatherings that required a large table that could fit many chairs. But 2023 promises to bring glamour back into this entertainment space.

You can add special touches throughout, including a spectacular chandelier that screams fabulous. Perhaps new dining chairs that are redone in rich fabric and tailored finishes. You keep the practical and add glamour through pieces you already own. As more homeowners hone their host and hostess skills, the dining room offers the perfect place to show off to friends and family by entertaining them in this special space that offers a hint of comfort and glamour. But be careful, you want your guests to leave eventually.

Update the Lighting

A quick and easy way to change the style of your dining room is with new lighting. If the three pendant lights you hung five years ago don’t offer enough charm, consider changing your approach to lighting in this space. Maybe billiard lighting works better or a stylish chandelier. Either way, you can offer some new style through variable lighting fixtures that allow bright and dim lighting, depending on your mood.

Define Your Room Even If It Doesn’t Have Walls

Because so many modern homes came with open-plan dining spaces, you may think this new trend has left you behind. But don’t worry. You can do more to separate the space, and give it its own character. Unique ceiling design, perhaps inlaid wood on one wall or wallpaper, some special touch that shows this space stands out from the rest.

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