A Guide to Effective Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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It’s important to remember to give your bathrooms some attention when renovating your home. While all rooms in your house may require touch-ups over time, focusing on your toilet area is particularly important. This is because your bathroom can start to look worn and old with continued use, and the humidity can cause damage to the walls and paint, making regular maintenance crucial. 

Renovating your bathroom can be expensive and challenging if you’re not careful. The cost depends on your location; for example, it can be between $2,400 and $6,200 in Louisiana. To save money, consider these innovative ideas to spruce up your bathroom and make it more functional. 

  1. Add More Ventilation To Your Restroom

Bathrooms can smell musty fast. This is because toilets are generally much smaller than other rooms in your house, making it hard for the air to circulate adequately. The added moisture from the faucets also doesn’t help your case, leaving you with humidity lingering in the air. Adding more ventilation can make the space breathable and more open and leave the air feeling fresh. However, ventilation issues are more frequent in a humid subtropical climate where summers are hot and winters are mild, for instance, Louisiana. The city faces frequent precipitation throughout the year, with extremely wet summers. This weather, coupled with the trapped heat, needs addressing immediately. 

Those living in this region should consider contacting a professional and adding ventilation to their space. Use keywords like Louisiana bathroom remodeler near me to connect with professionals who can help you with your project. Depending on your budget, you can add a window or choose to go for a fan. But the latter is much more effective in improving your bathroom’s ventilation. Fans push out odor from your bathrooms, leaving them smelling crisp. Allow your professional remodeling expert to measure the ideal unit for you. Once they pick out the best spot in your toilet where the air gets blasted into the open, allow them to install it. 

  1. Try Your Hand At DIY Storage

Keeping your bathroom organized can be challenging due to the accumulation of belongings like shampoos, makeup, and other items. In this scenario, clutter becomes a mess and a burden to deal with, which can further increase frustration. However, you can consider a DIY project to build a customized shelving unit to optimize your bathroom storage space. Utilizing floating shelves above your toilet can store mini towels and toilet paper. 

The walls next to your showering unit or bathtub can also be converted into storage. This is a slightly technical job as it requires drilling into the wall, cutting it into the shape of a small shelf, and then lining the indented region with wood, followed by marble. You can use a YouTube tutorial to guide you, but if you want an accurately sized storage area that can hold your shampoos and soaps, let a professional do it. 

  1. Go Eco-friendly

You need to start becoming more concerned about your water usage. Normally people waste a lot of water in the toilets. The average person flushes roughly five times daily; most flushing systems use about 2 gallons of water. So if a family of three uses the same toilet, they waste about 800 gallons of water a month. If your bathroom was designed before 1992, there’s a high chance it may be using 3.5 gallons of water in every flush. 

Drought is a recurring problem in Louisiana. This is why making your toilet more environmentally friendly can help conserve water. Install a low-flow toilet, faucet, and shower heads. If you can remove your bathtub entirely and install a shower, it can reduce your water usage by tenfold. You can also switch up your lighting for energy-saving bulbs. While working on your countertop, use recycled glass, bamboo, or wood instead of marble, as they are sustainable and longer lasting. 

  1. Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Paint

Over time, paint in the bathroom can fade, discolor and become stained, which can change its appearance. Repainting the bathroom can bring back its appeal and even add some personality. The colors used in the bathroom can also affect mood and make the room seem bigger or smaller. For example, pastel colors can make a room feel cozier and appear larger. 

Conversely, darker colors make the room look smaller but have a touch of elegance. Ensure the paint color matches your toilet’s handles and other parts, like your light fixture. You don’t want to end up with a bathroom that looks oddly out of place because one color doesn’t match the other. Neutral shades like baby blue, coffee, and white are always safe options. They contrast nicely with other shades. 

Also, get water-resistant paints since bathrooms retain moisture, and you don’t want the water droplets to ruin your freshly painted walls. Adding a matte finish to your paint job can add more brownie points to the overall appearance of your restroom. Painting your toilet should take no more than two days and never start unless you have all the necessary painting supplies to make your work effective. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking for ways to touch up your bathroom, you can achieve this feat in many ways. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may want to consider adding more ventilation to your space. Switching up for more eco-friendly options can boost your toilet’s longevity. Also, why not try doing DIY storage around your bathroom? Who can say no to having extra space to store your things? Other methods include upgrading older fittings and getting a fresh paint job. Remodeling is a personal endeavor. You can tear down your bathroom and start from scratch or shuffle around what you already have; it all boils down to personal preferences and your budget. 

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