4 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Your body comprises 60 to 70% water, making it an integral component of your well-being. Therefore, when choosing the right beverage for you to drink, choose water. Hydration benefits you in many ways. Not only does it remove your thirst, but it also alleviates many troubling symptoms, such as headaches and constipation. Water is also the primary channel through which electrolytes travel throughout your body, regulating nerve function, stabilizing blood pressure, and repairing damaged tissues.  

 However, this is not all water can do for you. Consuming this refreshing liquid has many benefits, and knowing them can motivate you to become more vigilant about your water-drinking habits. Below are some of the benefits of staying hydrated: 

 Don’t Just Drink Any Water 

Before you start drinking water, ensure your water source is clean. If your beverage is slightly contaminated, it can lead to numerous health problems and complications requiring extensive treatment. Drinking contaminated and unclean water can make you sick. You may get diseases like diarrhea, intense stomach pain, and frequent vomiting. Unfortunately, this happened back in the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. During their stay at this base, marine corps and their families utilized wells for water.  

 Between 1953 and 1987, the water supply wells at Camp Lejeune were contaminated by toxic chemicals. As a result, people who used these wells to get water became violently sick. This clear case of neglect and recklessness led to a massive lawsuit. To date, you can still file a claim if you have been a victim of being exposed to contaminated water for at least thirty days back in Camp Lejeune. 

 Furthermore, online resources can help you learn more about what happened with these cases and on what basis the lawsuit is being filed. Contaminated water laden with toxic chemicals can cause diseases like congenital disabilities, miscarriages, and various cancers that can pass on to future generations. The bottom line is to drink clean, filtered water free from all contaminants and chemicals.  

 Benefits of Water 

 Prevents Kidney Stones 

According to NIDDK, about 6% of women and 11% of men in the US get a kidney stone at least once. Kidney stones are solid deposits made of minerals and salts which start clumping together in your kidney. When you don’t drink enough water, these minerals get concentrated and harden. Ultimately, you end up with a pelt of a mineral crystal that lodges itself into your urinary system.  

 Having a kidney stone is extremely painful. You may have trouble passing urine, experience a burning sensation and be in unbearable pain throughout the day. Once you get a kidney stone, you will need to see a doctor so that they may remove it. Likewise, drinking more water and staying hydrated can reduce the chances of another stone forming in your kidney. Water dilutes the minerals and salts, causing them to dissolve and become a part of your urine.  

 Since no excess mineral deposits get left behind, you have minimal chances of going through this ordeal again.  

 Relieves Constipation 

Data from Johns Hopkins illustrates that more than 4 million people in the US have frequent constipation. As a result, this leads to more than 2.5 million doctor visits annually. Constipation is a common gastrointestinal complaint. It is characterized by a lack of bowel movement and difficulty passing stool. If you have constipation, the best way out is to drink more water. A stool needs water and fiber to pass through the large colon effectively.  

 Drinking less water causes it to get absorbed before the digested food reaches the intestine. Consequently, the colon cannot push this digested food material out of your system, and you get constipated. Therefore, drinking about eight to twelve glasses of water can keep your digestive tract in good shape and encourage healthy bowel movements. 

 Protects Your Joints 

The fluid around your joints is primarily water. It’s essential in cushioning it and preventing your joint from getting damaged. Drinking enough water provides moisture to this joint, preventing it from drying out or inflaming. In contrast, if you’re dehydrated, your joint receives less water. Hence, you increase friction when you move your joints like those in your arms and legs. This harsh rubbing effect can impact the area causing your joints to flare up. If you allow this condition to persist, you can wind up with a chronic disease called arthritis which is painful to deal with.  

 According to data collected by the National Arthritis workgroup, more than 22% of American adults have arthritis or rheumatic-related conditions, making it prevalent among adults. While water cannot cure arthritis, it can reduce its impact on your joints; for this reason, if you have arthritis or any rheumatoid condition, up your water intake. 

 Great for your Skin 

Having great skin does wonders for your appearance. When you’re happy with how soft and supple it looks, you feel good about yourself. Water can help you maintain your skin health. You only need to drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep your skin cells hydrated. Skin cells lose water with time; this causes them to shrivel up and lose elasticity.  

 You may notice that your appearance becomes wrinkly, old, and dull. If you want to prevent your skin from looking dry and wrinkly, have a glass of water. This beverage is the quick pick-me that your skin needs. Avoid alcohol and coffee, as these can dehydrate your skin and give you a withered look. 

 Final Thoughts 

Water is the most essential fluid for every living organism. As humans, a significant portion of your body is made of water, so you need to develop a habit of drinking this beverage. While it’s understandable that you may not feel like consuming too much water since it has no taste or flavor, there are ways around this problem. If you don’t want to deal with a tasteless fluid, add fruits or artificial flavoring to make it more delicious.  

 In any case, you need to train yourself to drink more water. If you’re trying to fix the amount you consume, stick to a routine. You can use a reminder to ensure you have a glass on time. Once you get into the habit of drinking water, you’ll notice a massive improvement in your health, from no joint pain to an enhancement in your overall appearance. 


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