Seven Tips For A Low Cost Bathroom Remodel

Undeniably, one of the best feelings after a busy day is coming home to a clean home, and, by extension, coming home to see a bathroom that’s basically inviting you in with its warmth and vibes to wash off the day’s troubles with a long and relaxing shower. Having a shower that’s inviting and relaxing can just be the thing that ends the good days perfectly and the thing that makes you forget any bad days you’ve had!

However, achieving a bathroom that gives off this vibe – the vibe of cool, comfort, and relaxation, often requires hiring a bathroom specialist. Lucky for you, we may just well have a few tips and tricks that will give your bathroom a fresh look at an affordable price. 

The secret to every low-budget DIY remodeling project is knowing which important pieces and or themes you need to change because making a few minor adjustments like a re-polishing a marble bathroom vanity or a fresh coat of paint that can have a large impact on your bathroom design as a whole is as effected as a full-blown overhaul of your old bathroom design to a new one. Just know what changes to make and it’s going to be as good as new.

Keep It Natural

Although admittedly, using window tints, designs, and others is an effortless way to give your bathroom personality and achieve the vibe or theme you may be trying to give off, the bathroom needs as much natural light as it can get. Bathrooms, as you can see when you go to public restrooms, are small dingy places where smells, bacteria, and who knows what else sticks, and the best way to get rid of that without too much work is to make sure your bathroom is exposed to natural light and/or air. 

Keep your bathroom window open on sunny days AND clean and the natural light is enough to make your bathroom look cleaner and bigger which is always the first step to a successful remodel.

Not Enough Natural Light? Play With Your Lightbulb

Bathrooms tend to have just 1 or 2 small windows, if yours is lucky enough to have a window at all so yes, it may be hard to achieve enough natural light to make your bathroom look clean. If this is the case with your bathroom, a great cheat is changing your bathroom lightbulbs. 

Avoid yellow or red-colored lightbulbs. This makes your bathroom look dim and gives it a cramped feeling, if you’re trying to go for a specific theme which is why you went for colored lightbulbs, that’s well and good but you may want to consider just adding accent lights or adding secondary lighting to your bathroom instead and using your dim colored lights for those. For your bathroom to look refreshing, use white fluorescent lighting and you’ll see the difference immediately.

While you’re at it, when you go to the store to buy your lightbulb, one small note would be to check if there are any light switch covers, installing a light switch cover for your lights ensure that your light switch won’t get wet and none of your family members would get grounded when they use the bathroom while it’s wet.

Focus On Your Floors

Wanting to remodel doesn’t always mean making it as luxurious as it can, making it look like your bathroom’s brand new and just constructed and not like you’ve used it excessively throughout your stay in your home is as good as a remodel as any. If this is what you have in mind, then focus on your floors.

Bathroom floors are generally covered with tiles and in between these tiles, the grout tends to accumulate dirt over the years that make your floor look kind of dirty at all times no matter how regularly you clean it. To make your bathroom floor look brand new and spotless you can use either peel and stick type of tiles OR laminated flooring. Both are durable replacements for tiles that are low-cost, easier to clean, and end up looking new after years of use.

Paint Accents

You don’t have to completely repaint your bathroom wall but adding a little bit of personality that will also give your walls a fresher look would be the perfect subtle change your wall needs. Look into colors that compliment your bathroom wall’s current color and choose a color that compliments it, one can do the trick. Paint subtle accents around your bathroom such as painting around your mirror, windows, and doors and it’ll brighten up your bathroom. It’s the perfect way to decorate your bathroom without cramping the already limited bathroom space.

Consider Wall Art

Now, this entirely depends on your bathroom’s layout and whether or not there’s enough free wall. But if there is, one or two pieces of wall art whether they be abstract, contemporary or just a framed picture of a cute animal will serve as an effortless design that will give your bathroom personality. Like the paint accents, this allows you to remodel your bathroom in such a way that won’t make your bathroom feel cramped and limit the space plus paintings or wall art are one of the most thoughtful decorations anyone can put up in their homes as it showcases their personality and what they like. Just make sure you use a frame that’s water-resistant while you’re at it.

Vanity Lights Are The New Chic

Remeber that, lighting is your best friend when you are trying to think of how to make your bathroom look clean and refreshing which makes it look pleasant to both you and your family as well as visitors you have over. Now, one more trick that will require a bit more work is to work with your bathroom’s wiring a little to add vanity lights next to the two sides of the mirror in your sink, if you have one. This allows you to save up on electricity and give your bathroom a classic feel as well as increase the sources of light in your bathroom, who wouldn’t want the light to hit their face from all the right angles while preparing right? As long as your house’s wiring is in proper order, it won’t take much to install vanity lights, and trust us, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Coordinate Your Fixtures

The last thing you can do to complete the low-budget remodel that will make your bathroom look brand new and refreshing is to coordinate. Somewhere along the way, you may have bought one or two of your bathroom fixtures for pure functionality, just because you need it, so you probably didn’t think of the design. With this, you may have a brown clothes basket there, a metal vanity cabinet in the sink, and stainless steel containers for your shampoos and the like in the shower area or wet area. While all of those are fully functional, you got to admit, it’s quite a sight for the eyes. 

To keep your bathroom looking refreshing and to follow just one theme and give off the vibe you want, coordinate your add-on furniture to your bathroom. Make sure that all your built-in cabinets and hanging containers and hooks are either the same color or design or at least that they are complimenting each other. By coordinating this, you’ve done the last step you can do and you now have yourself a brand new looking bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t require a total uphaul, in fact, performing a thorough deep cleaning and reorganizing your bathroom furniture layout, and moving stuff here and there already counts as a remodel. Design your bathroom in a way that looks pleasing and refreshing to the eyes while looking brand new and still having all the functionality of a bathroom.

Just follow the seven tips above and we guarantee your remodeling project won’t even take more than just one whole weekend to do, something you can do with the kids if you’d like and won’t even hurt your budget. Just make sure you are consulting two groups of people before you start remodeling. 

Ask all the members of the house their opinion on your ideas and if they have anything they would like to add and/or remove, when you get going to your local depot or hardware store to buy your materials, make sure you are asking the staff whether or not the materials and decorations you are buying are durable and last longer if it will be put in the bathroom. Remember, a bathroom is constantly wet and humid and some materials wear and tear a whole lot quicker when exposed to those conditions so it won’t hurt to ask about durability before you purchase. Once you have asked for your family’s input and consulted the depot or hardware store you’ve bought your materials from, you can then proceed on taking on your project of remodeling your bathroom.

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