Simply Earth’s Melt & Pour Soap Review

I’m always doing fun crafts and recipes with my son, and a few weeks ago, he asked if we could make soap, so I was very excited when the great folks at Simply Earth offered to send me samples from their new Melt & Pour Soap line!  The line includes everything you need to make soap!  They offer glycerin soap base, shea soap base, a 4 inch soap mold, and 6 cavity soap mold.  This combined with their fabulous line of essential oils adds up to great soap making!  And if you don’t know anything about making soap, their websit and youtube page is full of great recipes and tutorials.

Now let’s learn more about the new melt and pour soap products and check out a recipe!  They sent me a great sample box that included the following:

  • 2 lb glycerin soap base
  • 2 lb shea soap base
  • Mica powder sample kit
  • 4″ Loaf mold
  • 6 cavity soap mold
  • Essential oils: Good vibes, Lava, Pine, Timber, Tranquility and Unicorn.

My Thoughts

I personally loved going through this box!  I’m always interested in making soaps and other items with essential oils, but it can be a little intimidating when you don’t know much about it.  Luckily the people at Simply Earth make it easy by supplying you with great recipe cards and video tutorials that are easy to follow!

And the recipes are always so unique.  This soap box had something for every member of the family from small kids to the ladies and gentlemen out there.  And apart from the great oils included, they included mica powders in a variety of bright colors to spark your imagination and really get creative with your recipes.  (I see this box a great opportunity to make some fun and unique homemade Christmas soap gifts this year!)

As someone who’s never actually made soap before, I was interested to find out that the different colors in people’s homemade soaps come mixing the colors sepately and then layering them in.

My favorite recipe to try was their Unicorn Confetti Soap.  This was a really fun recipe to do with my son, because we got to layer pretty rainbow colors and then chop up the pieces to create the confetti effect.  And it is made with Simply Earth’s Unicorn Blend Oil, which includes Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Jasmine oils! Check it out!


We really enjoyed making the soaps, and I’d definitely recommend this product line for you.  Check out Simply Earth to learn more!

And don’t forget, Simply Earth also has their Essential Oil Recipe Box Subscription, which I love! I’ve wrote several review posts for the Recipe Box it is just AMAZING.  Here’s a previous review of the recipe box. And here are a few quick facts:

  • Each box has 4 bottles of essential oil, recipe cards to help you use your oils in fun and unique ways, plus other materials you need to make the recipes.
  • Each box is specially curated with a unique theme in mind.
  • Each box is a $150 value!
  • When you subscribe you get a cool BONUS box for FREE!
  • You also get a $44.99 gift card for FREE when you use my referral link and coupon code:  SSHOMEFREE



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