How To Clean Your Property After A Fire

A fire on your property can be incredibly devastating, even more so when it occurs in your home. Restoring your house might feel like an impossible task and could be dangerous without professional intervention. ICE Cleaning’s fire cleaning services can make your home safe and liveable again. Its expert technicians use industry-leading technology to restore your property after a fire.

Read on to learn how to clean your property after a fire.

How do house fires occur?

The most common cause of house fires is due to cooking appliances. This happens when a pot or pan overheats or cooking oil catches fire. The kitchen has the most flammable objects like paper towels, dish towels, and oven mitts that could further exacerbate a potential fire.

Aside from kitchen fires, the average home contains many fire hazards you might not realise. These can include:

· Faulty heating equipment

· Careless smoking

· Children playing with fire starters

· Faulty wiring

· Flammable liquids

· Christmas decorations

· Barbeques

· Electrical equipment

· Candles

When identifying hazards in your home, you should start by ensuring all your appliances have been safety checked and identifying any faulty electricals. Ensure your fire alarm works with regular testing, and teach your children how to evacuate when a fire happens.

The risks of living in a fire-damaged home

If a fire has occurred in your home, you must find temporary housing to avoid any damage to your health and safety. The integrity of your home could be unsafe, and it can also affect your physical well-being.

Fine smoke particles remain after a fire has been extinguished, and the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning increases. This is due to the gas lingering or leaking from damaged boilers or generators.

By living in a fire-damaged property, you could be at risk of:

· Eye irritation

· Skin conditions

· Breathing issues

· Cancer

· Stroke

· Heart attack

Should you clean fire damage by yourself?

You should not clean a fire-damaged property by yourself due to the health risks involved with the smoke particles, and the type of substances needed to clean the property. You will need the help of fire damage cleaning services to restore your home.

Before fire restoration experts arrive on-site, there are some steps you can take in the meantime to make the restoration process easier:

· Ventilate the property

· Dispose of clothing and furniture affected

· Dispose of exposed medication at a local pharmacy

· Throw out all food and water that were exposed

· Use a dehumidifier to prevent mould growth

If you need fire cleaning services, ICE Cleaning’s technicians hold qualifications with BISc and IOSH and will ensure a thorough clean-up of your fire-damaged property. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year and can arrive on-site within a matter of hours in an emergency. Find out more about their variety of services here.

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