5 Most Trendiest Bikini Styles On The Market Today

Bikinis are great because they are versatile with the bottoms and tops being interchangeable. On days when you want a little more coverage, you can change out the bottoms to something a little more demure. On days when you plan on doing water sports, you can change out the top for more support. For daring to bare, there are thong bikinis and even micro bikinis. No matter what the occasion is, everyone needs a bikini or two in their summer wardrobe.

Bikini season is upon us and there are so many great options to choose from. Whether you are planning a fun trip to the beach or tanning by the pool, consider adding a few of these trendy options to your collection.

1. Thong: Thong bikinis are incredibly popular across the world; from Rio to the United States and from France to Egypt you will find them. Thong bikinis show it all which means you will have minimal tan lines and they are made with comfort in mind. You won’t spend your afternoon pulling on the sides of your bikini as it will always be perfectly in place.

2. Tie-Side Bikinis: A tie-side bikini bottom and top is high on the list with its flattering design. There is nothing sexier than a tie-side bikini so expect to turn some heads if this is the route you take. An added benefit to tie-side bikinis is being able to tie your pieces together any way you like. It’s easier to customize to the lines of your curves.

3. Brazilian: Brazilian bikinis are incredibly minimalistic. They cover just slightly more of your upper cheek than thong bikinis and come in a wide variety of textures and cuts. They are designed to highlight your curves no matter what your shape is.

4. High Leg: High-leg bikinis give your body an elongated look. They flatter your hips and thighs from the front and back to expose the outer part of your cheek slightly. High Leg bikinis give everyone the long-legged model look that so many women desire.

5. High Waist: High-waisted bikinis are great for everyone and anyone. High-waisted bikinis are perfect when you want that retro pinup feel or when you want to be a little more modest. They’re also incredibly forgiving when you have a little extra belly. If you need to find further information, you can see more at RhyleSwim.

Grab A Couple of Bikinis & Show Your Style

There has never been a better time to buy a bikini with today’s size-inclusive swimwear. There is literally a bikini for everybody. It’s important to have more than one bathing suit if you plan on

going out to the pool or beach frequently. As an added benefit, maintaining your swimsuits by rotating them is a great way to keep up with the life of your fabrics and latest fashions.

With a proper assortment of bikinis, you can mix and match them for any occasion. Whether it’s a thong bikini and bandeau to prevent tan lines, or a sexy Brazilian set to wear to the tiki bar it never hurts to have more than one bikini in your wardrobe.

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