Step into Luxury: Create the Ultimate Shower Room in Your Home!

You know the familiar story, you find yourself browsing for hours on Pinterest and Instagram, craving those slickly designed and executed bathrooms. Such grand ambitions might seem out of reach, but what if we tell you it’s possible to add luxury to your bathroom without changing it from the ground up? Two words: shower room!

We’ll take a closer look at how you can implement the perfect shower room, the benefits of having it and what is required to make it happen.

What Is a Shower Room and Why Consider Installing It?

As the name suggests, a shower room is a fully open [tiled] shower space in your bathroom. However, this area may be part of your existing bathroom, but you can also dedicate a separate space in your house and use a shower room for an at-home spa-like showering experience.

Although shower rooms are ideally open, most people choose to install a glass screen or a tiled partition wall to prevent water from flowing around the rest of the space.

Creating a shower room requires good planning, primarily around budget and time, as with any renovation. Also, looking for a professional, especially an experienced plumber, is critical to help you turn your ideas into reality.

The Benefits of Having a Shower Room

A shower room looks nice, as it adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to your bathroom. But, of course, it’s all up to you when it comes to the design. You can opt for a traditional or contemporary minimalist style and everything in between; it all depends on the rest of the space and the effect you want to achieve.

But it’s not all about looks. Other benefits make a shower room an investment worth considering.

It’s Practical

Compared to standard shower cabins or bathtubs, a shower room only takes up a little space, making it ideal for smaller areas. In addition, if you want to create an illusion of a bigger space but still want to separate the shower room from other elements, a glass screen is your saviour.

It’s Easy to Maintain

We all know how time and energy-consuming it is to clear the enclosure in a standard shower cubicle. But there are practically no tricky corners to reach when clearing a shower room.

All you need to do is keep the tiles and glass screen clean and dry. The internet is packed with homemade cleaning product guides, articles and videos if you are looking for an affordable, eco-friendly solution.

It Serves Every Household Member’s Needs

Another thing that differentiates a shower room from a shower cubicle is its position. Shower rooms are generally on the same level as the bathroom floor. So, undoubtedly, a shower room is a better option, especially if you have kids and/or senior family members living with you.

It’s a Value Adding Feature

If, at some point, you decide to move and sell your house, having a shower room as a not-so-common house element will add value to your property. More often than not, and if done correctly, shower rooms can create that wow effect that’s crucial with potential buyers.

It’s Your Private Relaxing Oasis

Who enjoys bubble baths? We all do. But preparing for them takes time, and they are ideal for when you return from work and want to relax after a busy day.

However, you can have a spa-like experience in the morning in your luxurious, airy shower room that, by its design, creates a much-needed relaxing atmosphere.

Your To-Do List

A three-step shower room plan includes:

1. Creating a Budget

2. Shopping for tiles, shower head/s, glass screen

3. Contacting and hiring a professional

First, determine how much you can invest in this endeavour. Also, set clear expectations about the time frame you want a shower room installed.

Next, gather your household members to vote on a shower room design. What type of tiles and fixtures do you want in a shower room? For instance, smaller or mosaic tiles would be ideal for the floor.

As for fixtures, picking the correct shower head is critical as it must meet everyone’s needs. A combination of fixed and handheld shower heads is an excellent option for a family with kids. On the other hand, a rainfall shower head is the solution you are looking for to achieve a spa-like, luxurious look and feel.

Finally, to ensure the result is what you were hoping for, you should look at hiring experienced professionals to help bring those ideas to fruition. With a shower room installation, there are a number of factors that need consideration, including dealing with the drainage, the positioning (or re-positioning, if needed) of waste pipes, and how to make the most of the water pressure system in your home.

Instead, a shower room installation requires the assistance of a professional who can help you deal with things like drainage, the limitations that come with the position of your waste pipe, or how to make the most out of the water pressure system in your house.

Final Tip

Simplicity is the keyword for shower rooms. Still, feel free to add elements like hanging shelves to put your favourite products at your fingertips and, why not, introduce a small plant for that true oasis feel? After all, that’s your area of relaxation and should cater to all your wants and needs.

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