Homeowner’s Guide to Vinyl Siding: Benefits And Advantages

Homeowners must make decisions regarding their assets every day. Some decisions are minor and can easily be reversed. Others, however, come with a high price tag and will remain with the owner for some time. Siding is a good example of a costly investment in the home that must be carefully considered to ensure the right choice is made.

Contractors offer many options for the exterior of the home. Fiber cement siding, brick, and stucco are three of these options. However, countless homeowners today choose vinyl siding for their residence. They do so for several reasons. The following are some common reasons given by homeowner to explain why they decided to invest in vinyl siding rather than another material for their home.

A Durable Product When a homeowner purchases vinyl siding through Armour Construction, they know they are getting a product that holds to the harshest conditions. This material withstand wind, hail, extreme temperatures, and debris easily. In addition, it resists moisture, so homes with vinyl siding rarely have problems with rotting.

This man-made material also resists rust and corrosion and can last for decades before it needs to be replaced. In fact, some manufacturers now offer a lifetime warranty on their products because they know it won’t be needed. Vinyl siding is an investment in the home that offers a good return on the investment.

Low Maintenance

Homeowners don’t want to spend their free time maintaining the siding of the home. They want a product that protects the home with little effort on their part. Vinyl siding is that product.

When vinyl siding in installed on the home, the owner can pressure wash the structure once a year and be done with maintenance for another 12 months. Some homes do need this task carried out more often.

This depends on the local environment and what the siding is regularly exposed to. However, most people find completing this task yearly is enough to keep the home looking its best.

Friendly to the Environment

High Point siding is manmade, which means no forests come down to install it on the home. No precious metals are used in the manufacturing process, and the vinyl siding won’t end up in the landfill in a few short years. As the siding does last so long, it keeps the landfills free for other materials. A study conducted using the Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) software found that vinyl siding is better than most siding products on the

market today. Only cedar siding offers better performance, and it comes with a higher price tag.

Increased Curb Appeal

When a homeowner decides to invest in vinyl siding, they find they can choose from a range of colors and styles. This allows them to find the product that best adds to the curb appeal of the home. In addition, different textures are offered today.

Clapboard siding remains extremely popular, but many homeowners find they prefer board-and-batten siding. Nevertheless, homeowners shouldn’t overlook cedar shake siding, as this allows them to have the look of real cedar shakes without the high price tag.

Vinyl siding comes with benefits other than those mentioned above. For this reason, many people find it to be ideal for the exterior of their homes. With its installation, the home looks better, which the owner and their neighbors are sure to appreciate.

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