Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Your Free Time

Being a parent doesn’t give you a whole lot of extra time and energy. However, when you do have the time and energy, then you should take full advantage of it and enjoy some quality moments with your children.

You may be at a loss as to how to keep you all entertained or what will be the most rewarding. Below are some fun things to do with your kids in your free time, which will allow you to enjoy each other’s company while also creating long-lasting memories that you can cherish forever. 

Take A Bike Ride 

It’s always a wise choice to get outside and get some exercise with your kids in your free time. Consider taking a bike ride around the neighborhood or bike to the local ice cream shop as a group. Just make sure you put safety first and that you are all paying attention while biking and crossing the streets. Should anyone have an accident and get hurt, then immediately contact a personal injury lawyer from Bader Scott who can help you navigate your case and situation and provide guidance on the next steps. 

Play at the Park 

Head to the playground or park if you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids in your free time. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and be silly and active with your family. If you don’t have time to get to the park then go in your backyard for a little while and toss or kick around a ball or run around and play tag. 

Cook New Recipes & Desserts 

Another fun thing to do with your kids in your free time is to get busy in the kitchen. Teach your kids about nutrition and healthy eating while you tackle and cook up some new recipes. Of course, you will also want to make a sweet treat that you can enjoy together after you eat your meal. Have your kids pick the dessert and then let them help you stir the ingredients and prepare it for baking.

Read, Color & Draw 

Whenever you have free time to spend with your kids then consider getting out the arts and crafts. You can color and draw together while you enjoy a snack and talk about your days. When you get tired of coloring and drawing then you can sit on the couch and get lost in a few good books and stories they like hearing. Reading is relaxing and also a way for your kids to learn and develop

Watch Movies & Play Games 

The weather isn’t always going to cooperate when you have free time or maybe it’s dark outside and you’re looking for something fun to do. In this case, choose to watch movies that you and your kids will find entertaining. You can snuggle with some pillows and blankets and make some tasty snacks or popcorn as well. Otherwise, put on a movie in the background and play some board games with your kids, which will also make for a great time. 

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