Everything You Should Know about Commercial Solar Panels: Costs, Output, System Size, and More


Many more businesses today are opting for a renewable energy source – especially with the rising costs of gas and fuel, which all consumers are worried about. This is certainly the year when solar energy hits an all-time high – and more households than ever are seeing the profitability of having their own reliable, virtually limitless energy source. The same is true for businesses and commercial enterprises. Most of these enterprises are active during the day, so if they harness solar energy, this could be exceedingly lucrative for them. Even a small enterprise can save hundreds of quid each year. So throughout its lifetime – often 25 years – a solar panel system could save you thousands of quid. No one can deny that the benefits of a solar panel installation extend far beyond savings on energy bills – it can also lower a company’s carbon footprint, which matters now more than ever. But the question remains: what are the costs, the system size, and the output? Here is everything you should know.

Their cost

Here’s the first thing you should know about a commercial solar installation: generally speaking, the cost of commercial solar panels would be from £16K to £70K for small to medium-sized enterprises. But the cost of your solar panels will also be influenced by the size of your roof, the number of panels you need, and the amount of power it produces.

First, is a solar panel installation a feasible option for your business? How much energy do you consume per month? To evaluate this, take a close look at your utility bill and figure out your energy consumption and the charges of the utility company per kilowatt-hour. For instance, most small to mid-ranged businesses have an electricity usage of 30,000 to 50,000 kilowatt-hours annually, and the cost charged by your utility provider will also vary depending on your location within the UK as well as the size of the system you choose.

A good estimate is £1K for every kW, without VAT. In addition to the cost, you could also get tax relief if you opt for a commercial solar panel installation as long as you will not use the solar power you produce for profit, such as a solar farm.

Their output and the associated costs

If you want to get a better idea of their output – and how much a solar panel installation would cost – a 10kW system would cost approximately £9.5K plus VAT. If you have a 20kW system, expect to spend £18.2K plus VAT. For a bigger system size of 40kW, you can spend around £35K (plus VAT), and if you want a larger 50kW system, your expenses could be about £44K. For the largest system size of 60kW, you can spend around £51K.

A solar panel installation – especially a commercial solar one – warrants careful thought and consideration before you think of having one installed on your commercial or business property. It would also depend on other factors, such as the available space and the kind of panels you choose (monocrystalline panels are the best, but they are more expensive than polycrystalline ones). In some cases, you may need to have planning permission before installing one – especially if the site of your property or your building is in a world heritage site or has some historical significance.

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