What Is Topsail Island Best Known For?

Spanning 26 miles of coastline, Topsail Island is a vacation oasis off the coast of North Carolina. The island sits between two other islands that are part of Crystal Coast and Cape Fear. People from all over come to Topsail Island to enjoy a beach getaway.

Topsail Island is an old-school coastal getaway with a focus on local options and laid-back vibes. It’s not part of the Outer Banks, another popular region in North Carolina for beach getaways. If you want a vacation you’ll enjoy without the crowdedness of other trendy regions in the state, then Topsail Island is a vacation area to consider.

From scenic views to fresh seafood, Topsail Island has a lot to offer. In this article, we provide some general information on Topsail Island as well as the low-down on what the vacation area is best known for and why you should consider putting it at the top of your family vacation list. Read on to learn all about what Topsail Island has to offer you and how vacation rental providers like Lewis Realty can help you plan your dream vacation.

Affordable Rentals With Lewis Realty

Many vacation rentals are available on Topsail Island, including affordable deals. Book your vacation rental during the off-season to save more, but if fun in the sun is the priority, you can still find great deals with local vacation rental options through Lewis Realty. With Lewis Realty, you’ll find the best rates so that you can truly achieve peace of mind as you enjoy your vacation. The best part? Lewis Realty is open 24 hours a day to assist you with your needs before you book and all throughout your stay.

Sea Turtle Preservation

Topsail Island is known for its sea turtle preservation and its related conservation work. From mid-Spring through September, loggerhead sea turtles sprawl across the shores to lay eggs. Topsail Island takes pride in protecting the sea turtle population and nesting season with help from the local sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation center. The sea turtle preservation center is in Surf City, one of the three communities of the island region.

Enjoy Beautiful Beaches

Each seaside town of Topsail offers vacationers and locals more than they could ever dream of, including beautiful beaches, with multiple dog-friendly areas. In addition to the beach and a classic beach rental from Lewis Realty, you can enjoy a range of dining choices, shopping centers, and local events. If you’re looking for things to do, check out the Surf City Ocean Pier and go fishing. If you’d rather soak up the sun, get your lounge chair ready at Serenity Point just before sunset.

Book Your Trip For A Vacation To Remember

Topsail Island gives beachgoers a vacation to remember. The local coastal feel offers travelers a fresh take on the classic beach getaway and all without missing out on souvenir shopping and sophisticated dining options you’d expect to find. For your next getaway, book your trip to Topsail Island with Lewis Realty.

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