Walk In Style – 5 Tips For Protecting Your Gait In Heels

You’re not the only one who is looking to change a few things about her wardrobe this year. Some women are looking to try out a completely different color palette, especially when it comes to choosing dresses for 2023. Others are looking to throw out their flats and bring in a few cool and bold high-heeled shoes. And a lot of the ladies just want to try a few different fabrics that complement their complexion. You can do either one of these to redefine your style as well. Let’s talk about investing in the right shoes and particularly the heels that match your personality, experience with heels, medical condition, if any, and your body type as well. Let’s begin:

1. Comfort Is The Key

The first thing that is going to keep you on your heels for a long time or at least throughout a typical work day and also comfortable while walking is the amount of padding that you get in your high-heeled shoes. This goes for every girl whether she is buying heels for the first time or has been buying them for a while. When your shoes are comfortable regardless of whether they give you an elevation or not, you are able to walk with confidence. This is also regardless of whether the heel is thick or slender. It applies to women of practically all heights, body types, and sizes as well. It is essential that you walk at least 10 or 15 minutes wearing your new shoes in the store itself before you shell out any money for them.

2. When You Are Slender

Let’s assume that you have a slim and slender body type. Let’s also assume that you have been wearing different kinds of heels for a few years now. You are sorted for the most part. The only rule that you have to apply here is the one that has been mentioned above. When you have slender and long legs and a delicate frame, almost all kinds of heels and footwear with elevation are going to suit you. Remember, the most popular fashion these days is pairing tattered blue jeans with black stilettos. This look is definitely going to help you become the center of attraction at every party and get-together.

3. When You Are A Little On The Heavier Side

The ladies that are a little on the heavier side or probably a little more curvaceous than their slender counterparts are advised to go with thicker heels that are not more than 4 inches. These will turn out to be highly suitable for their body frame. Also, when it is your first time trying out high heels or shoes with an elevation, it is better to play a little safe. It will be a lot easier to balance yourself on shorter heels that are a little thick at the base.

4. The Right Heel For The Beginner

That’s right. There is always going to be the perfect heel for every beginner. When you are not so sure about pencil heels and especially the ones that are too slender or pointed, the only option, and the most ideal one at that are mary jane heels because they define dependability. Also, you can think about other thicker heels that are suitable for beginners such as platforms that were very popular during the 90s and early 2000s as well. You can bring them back by combining them with a pair of great-looking jeans or probably a black mini-skirt. They are highly suitable for women who have not tried heels or any kind of shoes with elevation before.

5. Medical Condition And Your High Heels

Now let’s come to the ladies who have some sort of medical condition such as osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis. If you have any such problems, your physician or doctor is going to recommend comfortable and flat footwear. However, if you still want to be a little more adventurous, keep the heel height at 2.5 inches maximum. Also, avoid any thin or pencil heels at all. The thicker it is the better it will be for you.

And To Wrap It All Up

Let’s just say that the right way to choose the most appropriate high heels for yourself is to try them on first. Don’t hesitate in spending a few minutes extra at the store. Walk a little. Jump a little and perhaps run a little as well. Purchase the heel of your choice only when you are sure that it is going to be worth every penny you spend on it.

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