Lovely Lashes: 5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Lashes

Lashes have a way of framing the face and enhancing the eyes in a way that makes them pop. While false eyelashes look incredible for the day, and a little mascara goes a long way, they are not the best solutions in the long run. 

If you want to have your best lashes yet, you need to start looking after them consistently. Aside from booking an appointment for lash enhancement at a cosmetic tattoo studio, follow these five steps for luscious lashes:

  1. Brush Out Your Lashes

Most people don’t know how long their own lashes are. You can find out by brushing them with a clean mascara brush. It sounds like a pretty trivial step, but you can only correctly care for your lashes once you keep them neatly brushed.

Most makeup artists will tell you that brushing out your lashes is the best way to stimulate growth and keep your lash hair healthy and nicely separated. Best of all, when your lashes are separated and neatly combed, they look longer and more well-kept.

  1. Apply (and Drink) Green Tea

If you’re into natural solutions, you should consider applying green tea to your lash line. Green tea has many detox benefits and is known for promoting glowing skin. Using it on your lash line can also help stimulate lash growth.

It all starts by brewing a pot of tea and setting a small amount aside. Treat yourself to some tea while the small batch you set aside cools. Once cool, dip a cotton bud in the tea and gently dab it along your lash line. Rinse the green tea from your lashes after about four minutes. 

With time and repetition, your lashes should become longer, stronger, thicker, and healthier. Meanwhile, you’ll get to enjoy all the other health benefits of drinking green tea!

  1. Try a Lash Enhancement Serum

Have you ever heard of lash enhancement serum? This genius invention encourages healthy eyelash hair follicle growth. The ingredients used in eyelash serum tend to promote growth while getting eyelashes to look darker and healthier. Just be sure to read reviews and be careful about product selection. Some lash enhancement serums can irritate the skin around your eyes. Some can also cause problems if you don’t use them consistently. So, do not rush into your selection. 

The good thing about these eyelash serums is that you can also use them to thicken your eyebrows. Make sure you clean away any dried-up mascara by using a mascara brush and makeup remover before applying your lash enhancement serum.

  1. Consider Natural Oils

If your budget doesn’t allow for a good eyelash serum, try coconut or olive oil. Both can make your lash hair look longer and thicker. The best part about coconut oil is that it does not strip eyelash hair of any of its natural protein.

You can even use castor oil or vitamin E oil, as they can also make your lashes look fuller and more well-defined. Apply your chosen oil using a clean mascara brush. 

  1. Upgrade to Professional Lash Enhancement

Don’t despair if the above suggestions do not give you the lashes you desire. There is another safe and effective option. Lash enhancement is a gentle procedure that can be done at a cosmetic tattoo studio, and the best part is that it’s a long-lasting solution. You can opt for lash extensions, an eyeliner tattoo, or a combination of treatments.

Beautiful eyelashes can transform your face, but the most important thing of all is to look after your physical and mental health. When these two factors are taken care of, your natural beauty can and will shine through.  

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