Feel great when changing to wearing a totally vegan nail polish on the beach

You have enjoyed the festive holidays immensely, probably a bit too much. Yet, it was during one of several parties that you had a long discussion with a friend, resulting in you making a decision that you were steering towards at the back end of the old year.

You have become ever increasingly concerned about the planet and global warming, and desperately want to play your part in helping. You are taking a huge step by turning vegan, so being alerted to Beach Toes™ by Sambora® couldn’t be timed better.

You are immediately impressed after looking at the available products on the website of the Aussie company that has the same principles that you have recently adopted. Set up as a family business with a passion for protecting the planet, the ocean, and health, they offer a range of totally vegan nail polishes which are perfect for wearing on your toes at the beach.

You struggle to think of a more enjoyable way to help the environment than looking attractive when by the sea wearing something morally good. Your gorgeous, coloured nails will soon be attracting admiring glances. One or two offering a peek may want to look at ways to keeping their eyes healthy.

There is the satisfaction of knowing that no toxic chemicals are included that can cause harm to the body as is found in conventional nail polishes. Toxic chemicals are known to cause hormonal disruptions as well as nausea, vomiting, and headaches. The wearing of a vegan product will change that in an instant.

Vegan polishes will protect your nails from daily wear and tear compared to other products which works perfectly at the beach. An additional barrier will prevent nails from breaking or peeling as it offers increased protection. And where better than to put them to the test than a stunning beach in the city. The vitamins and minerals in vegan polishes allow nails to grow stronger and more durable.

Your toes will dry faster when using a vegan polish using a natural and sustainably sourced substance that uses organic and recycled plant matter. The polish is breathable with exceptional gloss, so your colours will look vibrant, and the covering is durable.

You will feel healthier and better inside when making the change to using a vegan produced toenail polish. Your stunning looking nails with added vibrancy and durability will get admiring looks and may also convert others.

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