Are SARMs Illegal in Australia?

SARMs are a group of therapeutic compounds designed since the 1940s. They function similarly to anabolic steroids and drive tissue increase (muscle and bone). But unlike anabolic steroids, SARMs are less likely to cause adverse side effects such as the growth of male gender traits in females and breast tissue, baldness, and testicular shrinkage in males.

SARMs are designed to treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting disorders. However, most SARMs are experiencing clinical trials for administering such conditions and have not been considered fit for human consumption by the FDA. But sometimes, they are profoundly marketed and used illegally in the image-enhancing, bodybuilding, and sports industries.

The Harm Caused by SARMs

The TGA, which controls SARMs in Australia, categorizes SARMs as image-enhancing and performance drugs, stimulants, anabolic steroids, peptide hormones, and a few others. SARMs may go along with your journey to being a buff alpha male, but they contain unidentified risks like liver failure and stroke. They also carry a significant threat of long-term detrimental health effects.

In 2017, the (FDA) in the United States cautioned that SARMs are also associated with safety concerns on the heart. The long-term effects of SARMs on the human body are still unknown. So presently, SARMS have no known therapeutic purpose, and no registered products containing SARMS available in Australia for medical use.

Furthermore, very little is understood about these compounds as they are still undergoing clinical trials, and researchers are still evaluating the long-term consequences. Because of this, SARMs are ‘Prohibited Imports’ based on the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956, so no health care provider presently prescribes any SARM. This comprises health and recreational needs, which add to overall human consumption.

Are SARMs Illegal in Australia?

Unlike in other nations where skilled athletes can use and purchase SARMs legally, things are different in Australia. As of May 2013 SARMs, the TGA re-classified SARMs as Schedule 4 medications and fall under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. They are prescription-only drugs with no risk of abuse or addiction.

Following this, the TGA banned the supply of SARMs without appropriate licensing, while the Australian sports anti-doping agency banned their use among athletes. You can only buy SARMs in Australia with a valid prescription from a doctor, which in reality, to get a doctor’s prescription legally is pretty slim to none at all. In addition, the possession and use of SARMs are banned without a prescription.

It is also illegal for supplements that include SARMs, to be supplied by supplement stores. Anybody selling or purchasing SARMs without a doctor’s prescription is doing so illegally and may also be positioning their health at risk.

Is It Legal to Supply SARMs in Australia? Yes! SARMs are legal in Australia but only with a prescription. The power to buy or supply SARMs online does not discredit the fact they are illegal in Australia without a valid prescription or the required license, permission, or authority to possess. They cannot be imported without a valid permit, which is deemed illegal in Australia. Despite the TGA officially banning SARMs in Australia, their use stays across the board throughout their population (along with anabolic steroids).

SARMs are widely marketed as very researched bodybuilding supplements in Australia, as practical as conventional anabolic substances (like testosterone) omitting the clear, dangerous side effects. And there are a lot of different SARM products on the market.

Unfortunately, given that these products are popular among bodybuilders and fitness professionals, most consumers tend to go overboard with the dosage. They have no permission for sale as dietary supplements in Australia. Regardless, with a doctor’s prescription, they may be obtainable from compounding pharmacies.

Potential Dangers of Using SARMs When They are Deemed Illegal

Buying or supplying SARMs online, or products including SARMs, could result in hefty fines of up to $1 million and jail time of up to five years. Literally, you gamble at least 6 months imprisonment if found illegally in the custody of these compounds.

For athletes, buying SARMs can lead to automatic disqualification and a long duration ban for sports for anti-doping (ASADA) rule infractions of possession or trafficking. This is due to the unfair competitive advantage the drugs give people. The TGA maintains periodic crackdowns on marts and gyms that deal SARMs illegally, and when detected illegally operating these compounds, it is possible that you may get into a crisis.

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