How to Source Healthy Drinks for a Healthier Lifestyle

We are all looking to live a healthier lifestyle, or at least we should be; those who work long hours tend to let their guard drop when it comes to a healthy diet and what you consume has a lot to do with your overall health & well-being. Start by reviewing what you drink at home, if you are into alcohol, add up the units and see where you rate with government guidelines and sugar drinks are a no-no.

Online Solutions

You may not know about dried fruit drink powder; simply add cold water and you have a fresh fruit juice drink with all the goodness of freshly squeezed fruit. They have all flavours and the product stores for months; enjoy a fresh orange juice in the morning and an iced pineapple in the afternoon, great for the hot summer days. Fresh fruit drink in powdered form is a game-changer for restaurants and coffee shops; those big glass containers with floating oranges are likely this product, not freshly squeezed.

The Best Coffee Find the website of a local coffee bean supplier in Australia and you can order your favourite beans and if you prefer decaf, they have a great range. The Internet is great for shopping; Google is your best friend when looking for products, especially coffee; you might not know that domestic grown coffee can compete with the world’s best and what’s more, you are helping your local community when you shop this way. Selling online means lower prices and you get the product delivered to your door, what’s not to like about that?

Fine Teas

If tea is your thing, you are in for an amazing journey as you browse the many online tea specialists, each with unique products, all grown organically, of course. You might be into milk teas, which are popular all over Asia, whatever your taste, you will find it online and cheaper than anywhere else. If you’re planning to host parties, here are some non-alcoholic punch recipes.

Local Milk

If you’re a milk drinker, search online for a local dairy farm and place a regular order; by-passing supermarkets is a wise move if you’re health-conscious – you can never be sure where the product came from. If you have a large fridge, you can store all your healthy drinks, at least for a few days. Milk should always be fresh for obvious reasons.

Most people make the best use of online shopping, especially when it comes to food and drink; you can order wholesome foods from health stores, so there’s no excuse. Try to minimise soft drinks, which simply aren’t healthy (read the ingredient label) and keep alcohol within moderate limits.

We couldn’t finish without a comment on the need to stay hydrated, especially over Xmas & New Year; drink 6-8 glasses of water per day; more if you play sports or are super-active. The hot summer can affect your overall health & well-being and lack of fluid can set other diseases off, which is the last thing you want.

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