Where to Store Your Stuff during Home Renovation

Renovations are both exciting and stressful. Remodeling your kitchen or home requires planning. Many factors need to be considered during a home renovation, as they can cause massive disruptions. For instance, what will you do with your items during your home’s renovation? Inconveniences caused by this are common. Organize your things before remodeling to ensure there is enough space for storage.

Aside from the obvious questions like “should my new kitchen island be marble or quartz?” it would help if you also thought logistics through. There are many things to consider, including how you’ll store all your stuff. It can be challenging to keep your items out of the way while still maintaining access to them during remodeling. As you work on building your dream home, you have a variety of temporary storage options to choose from.

With this being said, let’s look at some storage options you can use while renovating your place.

Storage facilities can be used

For those who live in areas without access to movable storage units (or don’t have access to a driveway), renting a self-storage facility is always an option. You could use the storage unit just for the big stuff- such as furniture and appliances- and store the more minor things inside your house, so they are always nearby when you need them.

If you do not want to transport your stuff to a self-storage facility, you can rent a portable container. Or you can hire any of the best movers, and they’ll pick it up and store it for you in case you cannot transport it yourself. Once you are done with your home remodel, they will be able to drop it off again. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

You can put your stuff in a friend’s or family’s garage

Perhaps you know someone who has room to store items during a remodel, but you don’t. If anyone has a bit of space they’d be willing to lend to you while you’re renovating, ask them if they have any timeframes in mind for when you’ll need to pick everything up.

Make a room for storage in your house

It might be the perfect solution for your storage conundrum during remodeling if you have an empty basement corner or a guest bedroom that you don’t use often. It is essential to remember that if you are troubled by giving up your space, just remember that it will be temporary and that it is the most cost-effective option you have (so long as you aren’t remodeling your entire home at once, then you may not have enough space to spare).

Using your home as a storage space during your remodel may seem obvious, but you should consider a few factors. When working on a big project, it’s important to select a space that you won’t be using anytime soon. Your garage or basement would be great options. Whenever you choose a room, be careful to leave enough space for moving around, or else you’ll end up cramming everything in.

Store your belongings in a container on rent

In many ways, renting a mobile storage unit is similar to having your own storage facility right outside your door. When remodeling, this method is popular because it allows you to clear out your house while keeping these items handy.

To find the best storage facility for your needs, just like selecting a moving company, you should do a little research. Compare the portable storage companies available to you and choose one that offers the cost, size, and convenience you require. When storing furniture, don’t skimp on size.

Similarly, you can decide how long you want your portable storage container to stay on your property. In townhomes or condos, however, you may need permission from your homeowners’ association to park your vehicle in the driveway or in your unit’s parking lot. There may also be rules in your town or village. Ensure you have the necessary permissions, so you don’t waste time or money. The storage company won’t provide you with heavy-duty locks for your container, so make sure you invest in one yourself.

Rearrange furniture and other items in the middle of the room

Another great alternative to make way for renovations when you don’t have a place to store your stuff is by bringing it to the center of the room. When the basement isn’t big enough, keep your room items in the middle. To protect the items, you can cover them with plastic sheets. You can only use this method if the furniture in the room is bulky and requires little care.

However, this method is not adequate for expensive or fragile items. In the case of antiques and artwork, there is a risk of accidental damage. It is also possible that they may break if you clean them after remolding.

The Best Way to Store Your Items

The next step is to figure out how you’re going to store your belongings during the remodel. As with all storage situations, the same principles apply here, although you may need to access these items more frequently than if you were storing them for another reason. Therefore, you should keep these tips in mind. · You’ll need a system to know what’s inside the boxes, even if you label your boxes. Alternatively, you can write the contents of the containers themselves.

· You should store the front and center of the most frequently used item but pack away your rarely used items back if you want the stuff in the boxes to be accessible.

· In your garage or attic, or if you store them there, always leave a path between them. If you have a clear way, it will be easier to walk around the room and find items in the back when you need them.

Final Words!

We are well aware that home renovation is a challenging task. However, prepare ahead of time to manage it as efficiently as possible. Once you know that your home is going to undergo remodeling, it is a good idea to put together a storage plan. It is important to find your ideal storage solution as early as possible, as this will allow you to spend more time on the more important questions (for example, deciding what material you should use for slabs, i.e., granite or marble).

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