Wall Decoration Tips to Enhance Your Living Space

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If you’re looking to decorate your living space, you’ve probably been told that the key to making a room look beautiful is by using color. And while this advice is certainly true, it’s not the only thing that matters when designing your home. Using art on your walls is one of the best ways to make a room feel more personalized and inviting and it can drastically change how spacious or small it seems at first glance. This may sound like an overwhelming task (especially if you’re trying to decorate an entire house, but we promise that there are plenty of easy ways to get started:

  • Restore Your Photographs

There’s nothing like a few photos from the past to remind you of who you were, and what life was like before. But even though you are all about preserving our memories, most of you don’t have the proper tools to restore old photos and keep them around for years to come.

A photo restoration service will be able to preserve your favorite images in an archival manner so they’ll last well beyond their original lifespan. This means they can be handled and displayed with confidence more than just protected from damaging sunlight, dust, or dirt.

  • Install Wall Shelves to Display Your Collection

You can also use a wall shelf like an acrylic display case to display your collection of items, photos, or books. For example, you can use a wall shelf to display your collection of mugs in the kitchen and photos in the family room.

For those who want to add some decoration to their walls but are not sure where they should start, here are some tips on how you can choose the right piece that will satisfy your needs while complementing the rest of your space:

Choose colors that match the current decorating theme. Make sure that it’s not too big or too small for your designated area. Consider whether it requires any installation tools like screws and anchors if needed before buying it from local stores or online shops which has great prices for all kinds of items including nursery furniture sets baby beds cribs toddler beds etc.

  • Choose Paintings that Go Well with the Interior Design

When you have chosen the theme for your living space, it’s time to choose paintings that match that theme. There are several factors you should consider when choosing what paintings to buy.

Choose paintings that go well with the interior design of your apartment or house. You can also choose paintings that easily blend in with the color scheme of your room or home.

Choose paintings that match the style of a room or house, such as modern art or abstract art by an abstract Australian artist for a modern home, or traditional art for a traditional home (or vice versa).

Consider how easy it is to clean each painting and if there are any special care instructions needed if you have pets or children who come into contact with them often (like dogs licking up paintbrushes). Many different types of paints can be harmful if ingested by animals so make sure they don’t eat any materials used while making these works of art.

  • Don’t Treat your Walls like Blank Canvases

When decorating your walls, don’t treat them like blank canvases. Otherwise, you might end up with a cluttered and unorganized space that’s difficult to look at. Instead, try to keep things simple by:

  • Avoiding having too much space on the walls
  • Keeping your decorations and accessories consistent in style and color
  • Using elements that contrast with each other so they stand out against the background
  • Hide the Television

If you have a television in your living area, hide it. Ideally, you would be able to do away with the television altogether, but if that’s not practical or possible for some reason (maybe you have kids who need to watch TV while they eat their dinner), try one of these ideas:

Hiding the TV in a cabinet is a great option to make your living space look more open and uncluttered. You can choose any type of cabinet that suits your style and old-fashioned rolltop desk or something sleek and modern with glass doors. Just make sure it fits your space! If possible, leave enough room on top so that when you open the doors of the cabinet there isn’t an awkward gap between them and the wall behind them; this will give off an unfinished look when guests come over and see this space rather than something stylishly decorated like bookshelves filled with interesting knickknacks from around the world (or even just from different parts of town). If necessary, fill up any gaps with simple things like plants for decoration purposes only—they’ll add color without detracting from what matters most: hiding those ugly cords so we can pretend they don’t exist.

It’s obvious why hanging fabric might work well here: because curtains are already made out of cloth! Just hang whatever kind of curtain works best within reason based upon where exactly on earth planet earth we currently reside at any given moment due “when” factor.” For example–if our hypothetical friend lives in California then maybe she should consider using something lightweight like linen curtains because most people enjoy being outside during evenings when temperatures tend toward milder temperatures after sunset/evening falls onto land masses.

  • Fill the space above your beds with art and mirrors.

If you have a space above your bed that’s not being used, fill it with art. That way, you can create a focal point and add color and texture to the room. You can also use different kinds of mirrors from large squares to long rectangles to reflect light around the room.


With these tips, you’ll be able to transform your walls into an impressive and unique display of your personality. You can welcome guests into your home with confidence; they will know that there is no better place to be.

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