The Best Foods to Consume During Dental Recovery

The dental implant process doesn’t just end at the surgical procedure. It also includes the recovery step. Care must be exercised to speed up the recovery process. Plus, there are certain this you cannot do during the recovery process. For instance, eating hard food is not an option during the recovery process. Foods such as nuts and cassava will interfere with the implant structure, which can have long-lasting consequences in your life. Still more, certain foods can speed up the recovery process after teeth implants. Consider eating the following foods after an implant procedure.

Blended Fruits

Hard foods such as carrots and meat can be harmful to your recovering implants. But your body still requires essential nutrients such as vitamins and proteins. Blending these foods with other healthy pieces can produce a soft smoothie that satisfies your cravings.

Canned Produce

Canned foods are another popular option to consider. Canned fruits last longer and contain important nutrients.  Just like canned vegetables they’re highly rich in nutrients and can help you stay healthy during your dental recovery. They’re soft and won’t damage your implants.


During this period, it’ll be extremely difficult for you to eat meat or poultry products. However, you can supplement your protein intake with eggs and cheese omelets. They’re rich sources of protein and are safe for consumption.

Include them in your daily diet and you can rest assured that you’ll meet your body’s protein requirements.


Increase your intake of soups and broths. The heat used during the preparation of these foods makes them an excellent choice during recovery. They’re soft and highly nutritious. But don’t take it when it’s too hot. That could put your implants at a heightened risk.


Another option to consider is oatmeal. Not only is oatmeal scrumptious but it’s also highly rich in nutrients. Eat it regularly and speed up the healing process. You may also want to take some potatoes. They’ll supplement your carbohydrate needs.


Yogurts can also be very helpful during this time. But it’s advisable to take it when it isn’t too cold. Don’t bother placing it on the fridge. Just take it the way it is- too much coldness can irritate your implants.

Key Takeaway

For optimal recovery, it’s imperative to avoid engaging in strenuous activity, bending your head, smoking, drinking alcohol, taking caffeine, and taking spicy foods. You should also avoid sleeping on your stomach. Avoid mouthwash, as well as, rigorous rinsing. If possible, sleep with your head elevated.

Following these tips will prevent irritation and help you recover quickly. Moreover, it’ll safeguard the surgical site against damage.

The Bottom-Line

Choosing an implant procedure is a massive decision. This is an investment in your health. That’s why you should get all the steps right. From choosing the right doctor to taking the right foods, getting everything right will improves the odds of success. Follow your doctor’s instructions. Eat the right foods. The above are the top foods any patient should eat after a tooth implant procedure. 

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