Personalized Jewelry Ideas For The Perfect Meaningful Gift

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Personalized jewelry can be a great gift for showing someone how much they mean to you. Not only are you giving someone something beautiful to wear, but also something that is unique and has had a lot of thought put into it. There are a few different ways in which you can personalize jewelry. Below are just a few ideas to consider. 

Locket necklace

Locket necklaces typically contain a photo of a loved one and/or a personalized message or name engraved into them. While these necklaces are not as popular nowadays as they once were, they can still make a very meaningful personalized gift to give to a loved one. Locket necklaces are most commonly given to partners as a romantic gift, but they can be exchanged among family members as a sentimental gift too. There are many different designs of locket that you can choose from. You can choose to either put a photo of you in it or a photo of the two of you. 

Engraved bracelet

Metal bracelets are ideal for engraving names or personalized messages on. These bracelets could be a great romantic gift or a sweet gift to a family member to show how much you care about them. You’ll find metal engraving services online that can engrave a message for you. It’s worth noting that messages can also be embossed or printed onto leather bracelets.

Birthstone jewelry

Every month has its own birthstone. These birthstones can be incorporated into various jewelry ranging from necklaces to rings, and they can make fantastic birthday presents for loved ones. This birthstone chart tells you exactly which stone matches each month to help you select the right stone. Birthstones could be incorporated into jewelry with engraved messages for an extra layer of personalization. There are bespoke jewelers online that can manufacture such jewelry for you. 

Birth year necklace

Looking to buy jewelry for someone’s birthday? A birth year necklace could be another great personalized option for such an occasion. This is an item of jewelry that incorporates the year of their birth. This could be in the form of metal shaped letters or an engraving on a charm. These necklaces may be better suited to younger people who are happy to show off their age. An older loved one who doesn’t like to talk about their age may not appreciate one of these necklaces – bear this in mind before ordering one. 

Name charms

Name charms are metal charms that are shaped like a name. This could be the name of the person you’re buying the jewelry item for, or it could be your name to remind them of you. You can even buy necklaces with multiple name charms for each family member. These are great joint gifts to buy with siblings for parents. You can even buy family tree necklaces which contain a small tree charm and name charms of each family member attached. Such custom necklaces can be ordered online through specialist jewelers. 


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