Landscaping Services: Transforming Yards into Elegant Gardens

Gone are the days when homeowners who wanted to keep up with the Joneses just needed lush, sprawling lawns. Social standards have changed, and now, it takes a little more effort and creativity to maximize curb appeal. Read on to find out how landscaping services, which can be found through websites such as, can help by transforming boring yards into elegant gardens.

Design Creation

The first step in the transformation is always the creation of a comprehensive landscape design. Finding professional landscaping services that also offer design consultations will make it much easier to complete this part of the process. Homeowners can do their part by starting the brainstorming process well in advance. Even those who have no idea of what direction they want to go in with the landscaping design can start getting a clearer picture by paying attention to other stunning landscapes in the area and what makes them stand out, rifling through magazines, or reading blog articles online.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Before a beautiful, elegant new garden can be installed, landscaping companies need to clean up yards and remove anything that won’t support the new design. In some cases, that might mean removing trees, grinding stumps, and performing other specialized tasks in addition to minor work like raking up leaves or mulching over old garden beds that will not be included in the new design.

Patios, Pathways, and More

Some landscaping companies do more than just install new plants. Starting from the beginning with a new design often means making changes to the underlying structure of the yard, as well. That might mean taking out an old walkway and adding new ones that better highlight the surrounding gardens, installing a patio for backyard entertaining, or even giving the driveway a makeover. Any natural stone features that will be added to increase aesthetic appeal should be installed early on in the process, as well.

Starting From the Ground Up

Once any hardscaping features are in place, landscaping crews can get started adding trees, shrubs, perennials, and other greenery. This process should start from the ground up. Installing sod, mulch, and stone can help to beautify the yard while simultaneously providing a boost to soil health that can help to fuel new growth. A residential landscaping in Guelph will ensure that flowers and shrubbery will be able to grow in a healthy state.

Tree Planting

Landscaping companies that also provide tree services should be able to help homeowners choose species that will do well in their climates. Hiring a tree service to help with choosing, planting, and then caring for trees is the best way to ensure their health. Since trees form the backbone of most modern, elegant garden designs, homeowners shouldn’t underestimate the importance of taking care of them from day one.

Ornamentals, Flower Beds, and More

Once major landscaping elements have been installed, it’s time to add finishing touches like smaller ornamental shrubs and flower beds. Some homeowners prefer to take a more hands-on approach to planting out flower beds, and that’s just fine. Leaving the bigger tasks to the professionals will give them time to focus on creating and maintaining beautiful flower beds.

Start Making Plans

Ready to turn a boring yard into a beautiful, elegant garden? It’s time to start looking into local landscaping companies. Homeowners should be sure that the companies they choose offer not just basic services like lawn care but also landscaping design consultations, tree services, and basic hardscaping installations.

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