How To Turn Your Basement Into A Beautiful Guest Room

Many people tend to use their basements either for storage or just neglect them for numerous reasons, which is a total waste of space. No matter the reasons, the thing is – if you have an adequate, specious, or not basement, why not use up the space and transform it into a lovely, livable guest room? Don’t be scared of sending your guests down into a dark and deserted room, no, have it utterly remodeled into a stylish and gorgeous room that will wow them. Here are some of the niftiest and most amazing ways you can turn your basement into a beautiful guest room.

Declutter and clean it up

First things first, before you dwell upon major renovation, clean the entire basement and get rid of all the things. Sell or throw away the date things, and donate the good things that no longer have any purpose to you. Next, wipe down the dust, get rid of grim and spiderwebs, clean the windows, and disinfect the entire area. In the end, vacuum the entire area, and inspect whether there are some things that need mending.

Make it warm and livable

Once you have checked whether some pipes need fixing, tackle the “real” issues. This involves checking the floors or adding hardwood to make the basement livable and warm. Consider adding insulation because the concrete basement walls are cold and closer to pipes, hence you might want to read some reviews and get more intel on how to insulate a basement to make it a perfect guest bedroom. In the end, repair the ceiling if necessary, seal potential cracks, and paint all the walls.

Cozy things up

After completing the much-needed alterations, the time has come to perform a little bit of polishing. If you strive to turn your basement into a pleasant space, you need to add some personal items that would make the room homey, cozy, fresh-smelling, and inviting. The easiest way to do this is to hang curtains, place bookshelves, place art, and add warm fluffy rugs. Besides adding soft underfoot, you can place one sofa or a drawer so your guest would have some space to leave their belongings while they are staying at your place.

Let there be lights

If you want to add char and a homer look to your basement, add essential lighting features. Basements don’t have much natural light, hence to create serenity and softness around the room you need to banish the darkness and add proper lighting. The key is to install lighting evenly throughout the space in order to enliven the room equally. Also, place extravagant floor lamps in different corners of the room to create warmth. You could also place a lamp on a bedside table for reading and ensure that your guest will be cozier.

Place the essential décor

Any bedroom looks plain and basic without some colorful details and stunning décor. Since you wish to turn your basement into a guest room, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on décor, but make it simple yet sophisticated by keeping it neutral. Use off-beat white, beige, or brownish colors for the sheets, place white patterned cushions, opt for dark-colored drawers, add a mirror with an elegant frame, etc. Don’t forget to implement flowers that add life to any room. Since you’re placing blooms in the basement, you might want to go for artificial plants that look exquisite rather than real blooms. This is because plants require a lot of natural light and water, both of which are scarce in the basement.

Don’t leave your basement be just another unused room in the house, and incorporate these tips to turn it into a marvelous guest bedroom everybody would love. Play with textures, colors, and styles and transform the basement into a real delight.

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