Has Your Child Flown The Nest? Let’s Make Sure They’re Eating Correctly

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It’s never easy when a child flies the nest on their way to adult life, be that them leaving to attend a university course while living on campus, or perhaps getting their first apartment. While it’s true that your child probably does have a good amount of independence such as being licensed to drive or perhaps earning their own money, it can be hard for them to adapt to every new normal straight away.

For instance, you, as a caring parent, may have kept a habit of cooking the main meal every day, and perhaps providing their lunches for their workplace or at school. This means that your child may have less cooking knowledge than you think, and when also dealing with other personal chores such as thier laundry, calculating their taxes each year, and cleaning the house correctly – it’s not hard to see why they may have become reliant on fast food, takeout, or food delivery apps in general.

In this post, we hope to give you a few awesome tips that should help your child flow the nest correctly, eating properly with good nutrition. With that in mind, please consider:

Simple, Nutritious One-Pot Recipes

A simple set of one-pot recipes can be a great way to learn cooking, and will also save a great deal of money compared to takeout or ready meal food. For instance, teaching them how to make a creamy instant pot chicken tikka masala can be a beautiful way to start, because not only is this meal delicious, nutritious and contains all the food groups they need, but it will show them that one-pot cooking doesn’t have to be boring, or a tiresome stew eaten five days a week.

Of course, this can also expand to cooking chilis, making pasta sauces, or even utilizing a pressure cooker like this to help them slow cook pulled chicken or pork. Investing in an Instant Pot or pressure cooker of this type is a tremendously worthwhile purchase, then.

A Set Of Worthwhile Pans

It’s also good to find a small set of pans that can be used comfortable, and if they’re sharing the house with others, can be kept in their room and stacked comfortably. When they have the pans ready, and the utensils to hand, they have less of an excuse to open the food delivery app each day.

Showing them how to use each pan and how easy they are to clean is important, no matter if they’re heating milk for oatmeal in the morning, or crafting a simple amount of tasty oats. This might sound simple and easy, but you’d be surprised how newly independent people can forget the basic cooking maintenance tips like this when striking out on their own. Making sure they have everything to hand, and that they can always shoot you a message for reliable advice, is a good idea.

Takeout Foods For Cheap

We’ve mentioned takeout foods quite often so far, and that’s because due to its availability and ordering convenience post-Covid, it’s not uncommon to see more people relying on this, especially young people. 

It can be healthy to show your child exactly how much money they can save by cooking at home with a few raw ingredients – that why we do it after all. Bringing some fresh veg home and some meat from the butcher can help you craft a beautiful spiced curry that might have cost you a fair fee from the local takeaway place, and taste almost entirely the same, if not better.

Emulating these foods, even if it’s as simple as cooking a smashed burger in the frying pan with some caramelised onions, shows that they don’t have to waste their money or wait around for the delivery guy to come. Even stretching pizza dough at home and topping with some fresh ingredients can be a great amount of fun, and will be much healthier than all of the sugar-added ingredients your local pizza place uses.

Inexpensive Recipes

Money can be tight when moving from home for the first time, especially as a student. Showing your child some simple recipes like stews, how to make soups, and also how to make gravies from the leftover meat juices from cooking can be a great idea.

Furthermore, showing them around the local vegetable market and independent butchers or fishmongers can show them how much money they’ll save by avoiding supermarket chains, at least for those staples.

With this advice, we hope you can ensure your child eats correctly with some worthwhile education to get them started.

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