How to Get Rid of Common House Pests

Common house pests are frustrating at any time of year. Have you been trying to get rid of a house pest that makes a home for itself regularly? The last thing you want to do is walk in the bathroom in the middle of the night to find a new furry friend on your wall.

The good news is, most common house pests are easy to get rid of with a few preventative measures. Take a look at what you need to know about keeping the pests out of your home.

Fill in the Cracks

Many small pests, like ants or spiders, make their way into your home through small cracks. They could be cracks in the wall, small holes near your windows, or gaps in your doors. If you can feel a draft in your home, you can guarantee pests have found a way to utilise it. 

It’s important to fill in any cracks or holes you find around your home so pests can’t make their way in. It’s also a good way to protect your home from potential dampness.

Essential Oils

Pests hate the smell of essential oils. If you’ve had an ant problem recently, essential oil is your friend. Lay a few drops where you can see the ants are entering your home and leave it to work overnight.

You can use lemon or mint essential oil to kill ants. It works similarly to ant poison. Ants traipse through the oil and carry it back to other ants so others are killed in the process. If you have pets at home, keep them away from the area if you put essential oil down.

Screen Doors

Screen doors are an excellent option for keeping pests out of your home if you like to spend time outdoors. Screen installation will give you the option to keep the fresh air flowing through your home without keeping your home open to all kinds of pests.

You can also sit in front of your screen and enjoy looking out at the evening without worrying about pests sneaking past you. 

Set Traps

If you’ve been experiencing a rodent problem, it’s vital to act quickly. Rats and mice breed quickly so getting them off your property is important. There are many different traps you can set for rodents, most of which are safe if you have pets in your home.

Rats and mice like to eat, so your trap should include something that looks like a tasty treat. Of course, the treat will contain a rodent killing poison. If you find evidence of more than one rodent, you may need some help in getting rid of them.

Call a Professional

The worst part about pests is that they can become a big problem quickly. Before you know it, you can have an infestation. At this point, it’s best to turn to a professional and contact your local pest control. They can get rid of the current problem and give you advice on how to prevent any further infestations. 


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