How One Platform is Putting Home Sellers & Homebuyers in the Driver’s Seat

Our tech-forward world has upended many older ways of doing things. Processes people have followed for decades no longer dictate how people buy things across sectors.

From smaller things like groceries to larger purchases like real estate, digital technology plays an empowering role for buyers and sellers. Real Estate has long been an antiquated industry with odds stacked against home buyers and sellers, but one digital real estate marketplace is flipping the script. Let’s check out how the real estate tech platform Nobul, created by the Canadian innovator Regan McGee, puts homebuyers and sellers in the driver’s seat.

Buyers Connect with Incentivized Agents

Before, it wasn’t easy to get affordable, motivated representation when buying a home. It helped to have a relative or good friend who worked as a professional real estate agent.

Today, Nobul connects buyers with the right agent for them more effectively and in less time. After the buyer lists their budget and describes what they’re looking for in a home, agents will flood their inbox with offers like free additional services or cash back.

Buyers can peruse and compare the agents’ profiles, user reviews, fees, and levels of experience and select whichever they prefer. Make the biggest purchase of your life with an agent by your side who meets your needs!

You shouldn’t need a personal contact in the industry just to buy or sell a home. Real estate tech gives everybody the edge that only people with fortunate connections used to get.

Algorithm Serves up the Right Listings and Prices

Homebuyers and sellers need to tap into algorithms produced by modern computing power to get the best listings in their inboxes quickly before they’re snapped up. Sellers use the algorithm on Nobul to maximize the value of their home — the algorithm has processed millions of real estate transactions and can weigh all the relevant variables properly to determine a good price for your home.

A platform’s algorithm is a super important digital tool that helps buyers and sellers maximize value.

Communication is Easy and Secure

Modern digital technology is characterized by quick, simple, and secure communication. Stay in constant contact with your real estate agent, so you can ask questions as they arise and keep informed and in the loop.

Once you see the perfect listing, you should be able to share it with friends, your agent, and anybody else whose opinion you value. The real estate market can move quickly, and there’s no time to waste.

On Nobul, the agents never get your private contact information. Instead, all communication runs through the app, protecting your sensitive data. A breach is impossible when your phone number and email address are never shared in the first place.

You’re always in charge when it comes to real estate technology but staying connected with your agent keeps you in the know.

If there’s any time to be in the driver’s seat, it’s when making a real estate transaction. Whether buying the home you and your family will need to live in for years or selling it and cashing out to realize the financial stake planned years ago, real estate technology gives you more control.

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