8 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Long-Term Visitors

Have you ever had a friend or family member come to stay with you for an extended period of time like over the holiday season? If so, then you know how important it is to make sure your home is ready for their arrival. 

Here are 8 tips to help you get your home ready for long-term visitors:

  1. Create a guest room: This may seem like an obvious one, but if you don’t have an extra bedroom, now is the time to create one. Even if it’s just a makeshift space in your living room or den, your guests will appreciate having their own space to retreat to at the end of the day. If you don’t have an extra bed, consider getting an inflatable mattress or futon.
  2. Stock up on essentials: Before your guests arrive, make sure you have all the essentials, including toilet paper, shampoo, towels, and bedding. It’s also a good idea to have some snacks and drinks on hand so your guests don’t have to go out every time they’re hungry or thirsty.
  3. Get rid of clutter: Clutter can make any space feel small and cramped, so it’s important to get rid of it before your guests arrive. Take some time to declutter each room of your house, including closets, drawers, and surfaces. Not only will this create more space for your guests, but it will also make your home look and feel more welcoming.
  4. Clean, clean, clean: This one goes without saying, but it’s important to make sure your home is sparkling clean before your guests arrive. Take some time to dust, vacuum, do some carpet cleaning and mop each room of your house. If you have time, consider deep-cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms.
  5. Make space in the fridge: Unless you want your guests to eat all of your food, it’s important to make some space in your fridge for their groceries. Before they arrive, clear out any expired items and move non-essentials to the pantry or freezer.
  6. Declutter your bathroom: In addition to decluttering the rest of your house, it’s also important to declutter your bathroom. Remove any products that you don’t use on a regular basis and put them away. This will not only make more space for your guests’ toiletries, but it will also make it easier for them to find what they need.
  7. Put away personal items: Before your guests arrive, it’s important to put away any personal items, such as photos, jewelry, and keepsakes. Not only will this create more space for your guests, but it will also help them feel more comfortable in your home.
  8. Introduce your pets: If you have pets, it’s important to introduce them to your guests before they arrive. This will help your guests feel more comfortable around your pets and will prevent any accidents or misunderstandings.

There you have it

By following these 8 tips, you can make sure your home is ready for long-term visitors. By taking some time to prepare your home before they arrive, you can make their stay more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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