6 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Home

When you buy a home, there’s more to it than just the space. You need a good neighborhood, education and medical facilities, proximity to your workplace, parks, and places to dine and have fun with friends and family. More importantly, you look for a well-maintained house that won’t require a major renovation for quite some time.

However, as you spend time in your house, it starts wearing out and deteriorating. Keeping your home in pristine condition and up to date is impossible without regular maintenance and upkeep. Even a new house requires a major remodeling after a few years.

As a homeowner, it’s essential to look out for signs to know it’s time to renovate your home. Here are six vital signs that show it’s time to remodel your house:

Things to Consider Before Planning a Home Remodeling Project

Before you start planning a home remodeling, it’s important to consider the following aspects:

Will You Move or Stay during the Renovation?

First things first! You need to decide whether you want to stay in the house during renovation or temporarily move. This decision depends on the scale of the renovation. If you need to remodel your kitchen or change your bedroom’s floor, it’s wise to move out and find a temporary storage facility

for your home items. Moving your stuff offers more space and eliminates the risk of damage to your precious home items.

Summers are the best time to renovate your house in Australia. The hot summer spell during December and March makes the perfect weather conditions for people living in Brisbane to remodel their homes. If you’re planning to hire a moving company for your Brisbane removals, we recommend Optimove, one of Australia’s most renowned and credible removal companies. Whether it’s your furniture, electronics, personal belongings, or valuable items, the professional team at Optimove ensures all your house items are packed, wrapped, and moved safely. They also offer removals storage solutions in Brisbane to store your house items temporarily while your house undergoes a major renovation.

How Far Can You Stretch Your Remodeling Budget?

The second and equally important decision is how much money you have available for your home remodeling project. The amount of money you are willing to invest influences how far you can go with the makeover. We recommend you prepare a comprehensive remodeling budget and identify the areas you want to renovate. Renovation projects almost always go over budget. To be safe, set aside at least $2000-3000 if you need to stretch your budget a little throughout the renovation.

Your House has an Old, Weary Outlook

As your lifestyle and routines change, some home features that fascinated you a few years ago may be too outdated for you now. Whether it’s the old furniture, the type of cabinetry, the old styles of walls, doors, and windows, or the outdated appliances, you may want to upgrade your house’s look and give it a contemporary touch.

Remodeling is perfect for those who want to upgrade their house’s entire look, improve its safety features, or eliminate health hazards. The good news is that even if you want a complete makeover, you may not require a major tearing down of walls or changing the entire map of your house. Think about adding new windows and doors to save energy and improve insulation when working through your rooms. If your home is old and out-of-date, consider it an unfinished piece of art that requires improvement.

Deteriorating Floors

Without proper maintenance, your floors will wear down within a few years, particularly in areas of frequent traffic. A deteriorating floor is a major warning signal that your house needs remodeling. Some initial signs are detaching floorboards, holes in the floor, fading or cracked tiles, any visible signs of corrosion and weathering in the marble slabs, or discolored wood.

Consider swapping it out with wood paneling for a quick fix to a deteriorating floor. Wood paneling is an inexpensive and durable alternative, and it’s much easier to clean and maintain. If you’re using a carpet, it’s important to replace it every 8-10 years for high-quality fiber and 3-5 years for the medium to low-quality carpets.

Outdated Kitchen and Bathrooms

According to the latest statistics, 37% of Aussies renovate their house each year, and a big fraction undergoes remodeling due to outdated or worn-out kitchens and bathrooms. The bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important areas of your home; if they aren’t renovated, they won’t work correctly. A worn-out countertop in the kitchen, broken or shabby kitchen cabinets, outdated sink and appliances, weary floor, smaller windows, and cramped up space all call out for a major kitchen renovation.

However, you can skimp on the items that only require a minor touchup or a paint job and replace completely worn-out or outdated items. As you progress through the restoration process, consider changing countertops with something more modern and repainting your cabinets to give them a fresh look. These renovations aren’t inexpensive, so while you’re planning, budget for what you need immediately and save some money for what you desire later.

The bathroom is the one space that requires most of the cleaning. Renovating a bathroom allows you to modify your home. You will require a bathroom renovation when you see permanent stains, worn-out tiles, outdated fixtures, and leaking faucets.

Leaking Roof and Chimney

The condition of the roof and chimney shows your home’s structural integrity. A leaking roof or chimney indicates that the roof needs to be fixed or replaced entirely. The leaking roof is the root of other serious issues in your house if left untreated. Most of all, if a roof or chimney keeps leaking for a longer time, it will eventually weaken your house’s walls and structural integrity, and you may bulldoze the entire house.

If you want to avoid greater problems, you should deal with any leaks as soon as possible. Corrosion, mold, algae, or fungus development, water stains on the walls, roof damage and deterioration from inside and outside, and water segregation are some red signs indicating a leaking roof. It may also leak if the shingles begin to fly off the roof.

It is important to hire an inspector to inspect your roof to see if it leaks. Depending on the shingle type and the roof’s square footage, you may require a heavy budget for an entire roof and chimney replacement. A leaky attic is another sign that your shingles need to be replaced. A new roof helps prevent leaks, water damage, and mold growth in your home. It also increases your home’s average resale value.

You Need More Space

A cramped-up space in the living room, kitchen, and dining area is another major reason most homeowners plan a remodeling project. Your requirement for space increases as your family grows. You may want to keep an eye on your kids while you cook in the kitchen. Open floor designs with a greater hall for the kitchen, dining, and living room is a fad these days. It gives you more room and daylight and gives an illusion of a bigger living space. To adjust the space inside your home, you can

alter the layout, build extra rooms or a home office, or convert a terrace into a beautiful patio for more outdoor space.

Final Thoughts

Every home requires upgradation and renovation after a few years. Whether you want to change the entire look of your house or overhaul your kitchen and bathroom, you must make a comprehensive strategy and create a budget. Look for the signs mentioned above to check whether you need a home remodeling soon. We hope this list helps you determine why and when you require some home improvement and remodeling.

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