Experiencing Frequent Back & Neck Pain? Here Are Some Reasons Why

According to the National Health Institute (NHI) at Georgetown University, about 8% of American adults were reported to be dealing with chronic back and neck pain. Living with back and neck pain is not only painful but also frustrating, as it affects your daily activities. Although there are several ways to treat the pain and reduce its effect, you may be more responsible for this predicament than you think. This is because many of these factors are a result of bad habits or bad decisions you may have known unknowingly. So, if you are experiencing frequent back and neck pain, here are some surprising reasons why.

Single woman suffering neck ache after a bad night lying in an uncomfortable bed of an hotel room or home

  • Stress

A common cause of back and neck pain is stress. It has been shown that the emotional effects of stress can be manifested in physical pain. This is also known as psychosomatic pain. This manifestation causes the muscles to tighten, causing it to create the pain you feel in your back and neck. Therefore, it is essential to partake in calming activities such as meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. You also consider visiting your Chiropractor to help you identify these tension points and help you find more solutions to easing the pain. 

  • Smoking

Smoking has been known to cause several health issues, including back and neck pain. According to experts, smoking can damage the cervical discs in your neck and back. These discs have the task of absorbing shock to the spine. However, the nicotine found in cigarettes makes it challenging for the discs to get the nourishment they need from the blood vessels on either side of it. There’s also research that shows that smoking deprives the body of oxygen, weakening the muscles and causing pain. Therefore, if you have a smoking habit and have been experiencing great pain in your neck and back, this may be why.

  • Your diet

As the saying goes: “ You are what you eat.” Therefore, if you aren’t eating the right things to develop and strengthen your muscles, you wouldn’t! An unhealthy diet and eating habits have been noted to cause back and neck pain. A study has shown that the more unhealthy weight a person gains, the larger their risk of experiencing back and neck pain. This is because the more weight you gain, the more pressure you put on your back and neck. Therefore, it is important to be cautious of what you consume. Be sure to avoid unhealthy options such as refined sugar, which is usually found in candy and cakes.

  • Your clothes

The last thing you would have expected is that your clothes cause your uncomfortable back and neck pain. But it is! Various items of clothing, such as your favorite winter fur jacket or pair of skinny jeans. Even your accessories, such as satchel bags, can cause the pain you feel in your back and neck. Wearing shoes without support is also problematic, as it can affect your alignment and lead to pain and discomfort.


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