7 Tips to Creating the Perfect Home Office

Before COVID, companies did not think working from home was a possibility. However, since then, almost every business has adopted a work-from-home policy or, at the very least, a hybrid work policy. Working from home certainly makes the employees happy since they do not have to commute, which cuts down their costs and saves them crucial time. However, working from a home office does have its cons. For example, working from home could be a disaster if you do not have a designated home office space free of all distractions.

We also saw many people try their luck as entrepreneurs during COVID lockdowns due to businesses laying off employees to save costs. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, having a dedicated home office is more vital than ever. It will allow you to save expenses and time and manage your business from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is create a space that allows you to go from the “I am at home” to “I am at work” mindset.

This article will discuss ways you can set up your perfect home office. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Make Sure you Regularly Clean Your Office

One of the cons of living in a place like El Paso, Texas, is the dusty weather. Dusty weather can wreak havoc on your home office and leave it looking dirty. It can also bring in germs which will wreak havoc on your health unless you regularly clean your home office.

In order to clean your office, you will need top-of-the-line cleaning products from a reliable local company. To help, search Commercial Cleaning Services El Paso Texas, and buy what you need.

2. Location

The location of your home office is essential. Ensure that it is somewhere quiet and with little to no traffic. For example, if you live close to a street, do not organize your office somewhere where you can hear horns honking or people shouting on the streets.

3. Know What you Need

Know what you need for a functional home office before you start designing or bring professional help to design your workspace. Create a list of necessities like a table, chair, lamp, and extension, among other things. It will also help you set a budget. This way, you will not overspend. Knowing what you need will also make designing your workspace a lot easier. Remember, the “perfect” home office is different for everybody. Your needs will depend on your work.

4. Colors Make a Difference

Believe it or not, colors can impact your job performance. Therefore, you must pick the right color combination for your home office. This way, you can enjoy a productive work session instead of falling asleep as soon as you sit at your desk. According to experts, color can:

● Influence your mood

● Cause physiological reactions (change in heart rate, pupil dilation)

● Increase blood pressure

● Increase eyestrain

With that said, let’s look at different colors and their impact on your workspace:

● White: ideal for small office spaces. It can help make them feel large and open

● Gray: a great option because it can easily match your furniture. It also adds balance and increases focus

● Brown, Taupe, or Sand: ideal if you need to focus

● Blue: associated with peace

● Light Blue: associated with clear thinking

● Dark Blue: adds stability

● Natural Green: ideal for people who work long shifts as it relaxes the eyes

● Dark Green: associated with boldness and can help concentrate and focus

● Aqua: a perfect balance between shades of blue and green and helps with focus

● Yellow: ideal for designers as it boosts optimism and stimulates creativity

● Red: associated with high energy and great for people who have to talk to clients regularly

● Purple: helps with out-of-the-box thinking and stimulates creativity. Ideal for photographers and artists

5. Choose the Right Furniture

Working from home means you will spend a lot of time in your home office. Therefore, you must choose good-quality ergonomic furniture that is comfortable. Bad-quality furniture will have a negative impact on your overall health. Some side effects include:

● Bad posture

● Headaches

● Neck pain

● Back pain

● Eye strain

Furniture also affects your job performance. Good-quality furniture can boost your productivity and increase your focus leading to better performance. On the other hand, bad-quality furniture will lead to a decline in productivity and focus since the only thing you can focus on will be body aches. However, remember, your furniture should not be too comfortable. The last thing you want is to sleep right before an important meeting.

6. Personal Touches for Motivation

One of the benefits of working from home is that you can add personal items to your home office. Most companies have a policy against having personal items on your desk, but since you are home, go wild. However, remember not to overdo it. After all, it is a home OFFICE.

Adding personal touches like photos of family, pets, and accomplishments can motivate you. They can also increase your productivity.

7. Eliminate Distractions

One of the cons of working from home is the fact that you can easily get distracted. There are also distractions at your office, but they are nothing compared to the distractions you will face at home. Firstly, you will have no one looking over your shoulders to monitor your every move. Secondly, temptations will be much stronger at home than in the office since all you have to do is switch on the TV. Before you know it, you have wasted the entire shift doing nothing, and now your boss wants an update.

TV, phone, and Netflix can easily waste hours of your time. If you need to take a break, go for a walk. It will help refresh your mind. You can also treat yourself to a snack for working so diligently.


COVID has made working from home the new norm. Working from home can be challenging. However, if you follow the tips mentioned in this article setting up your home office will be much easier for you. You will find that your productivity, focus, concentration, and motivation, among other things, have improved. Consequently, the positive changes will be reflected in your job performance.

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