5 Aesthetic Housewarming Gifts To Give New Homeowners This 2022

Housewarming parties celebrate people who just recently moved into their new homes. Traditionally, a homeowner shows their new home and invites their close friends and family to share the good news and have a great time. In this sense, the guests are expected, though not required, to bring a housewarming gift to help commemorate the special moving day event and to help the new homeowners enter a new chapter in their lives.

Some people feel pressured to think of what could be the best housewarming gift. Typically, the pressure is coupled with the thought that everyone will gather at the party, and they might see what they have prepared for the new homeowners. Hence, you have to be prepared.

Fortunately, there are tons of housewarming gifts nowadays that are available everywhere, even in gift shops. Not to mention, you could even give gifts with special meanings or those

that are aesthetically pleasing. Thus, here are five awesome aesthetic housewarming gifts you might want to consider offering new homeowners this 2022.

Oak Barrels

If the host of the housewarming party loves to drink wine, giving them something related could indeed make up their day. In this case, give them mini oak barrels to display in their new home as they are aesthetically pleasing and can go well with many styles and designs.

To make the gift more thoughtful, customize it with the date of their moving into the barrel or add their names on it. This makes it more special since it’s a token of wishing a new family goodness and positivity in their new life together.

Additionally, oak barrels could add a rustic aesthetic vibe to your home. So, you can never go wrong giving one to families that love wine, whiskeys, and more. The best thing about giving this kind of gift to new homeowners is that they can age or ferment their wine in it and enjoy it with their loved ones, like celebrating their anniversaries with a home-cooked meal paired with their fermented wine.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a perfect housewarming gift because most candles nowadays come in various designs and forms. When scented candles are lighted, it could help set the mood in their home.

The scented aroma that scatters around the house could help the new homeowners feel relaxed after a tiring day at work. But, you have to ensure that before giving this kind of gift, you know the personal preferences in fragrances of the person you’ll give it to to make sure they will love and appreciate its smell.

Money Tree Plant

If you wish to give a gift that symbolizes fortune, you could never go wrong with giving a money tree plant. Money trees are widely popular in Chinese culture, especially in feng shui. In this case, don’t forget to inform the new homeowner to place the money tree in the southeast area. Most Feng Shui experts believe that placing the money tree in this area is where you can get more peace and prosperity for your family.

Given that it’s a money tree, it’s an excellent gift to wish good luck and bring positive energy into the owner’s home, especially for new couples just starting their new life together. Even though it’s already 2022, a money tree will never go out of trend because everyone wishes for good fortune.

Additionally, plants are good for a person’s mental health. sIndoors and outdoors, plants could help alleviate stress and increase a person’s productivity. But, when you give someone a money tree, ensure they can take care of it, especially since it’s a living organism.


One of the main concerns of people moving into a new home is the food. Food is always a priority in every home. Thus, gifting a nonstick pan or any cookware is an excellent gift. Nowadays, cookware is also customizable and comes in various colors.

This 2022 pastel-colored cookware is the newest trend for many people who love to cook. It makes the cooking experience extra fun and pleasing to the eyes because of its colors, especially in nonstick pans. So, if you’re going to attend a housewarming party hosted by a food lover, get them a new set of cookware that they could use to fry, saute, or create unique dishes in their new home.

Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids

A well-organized home is a key to more comfortable living. So this 2022, people will focus more on ensuring that their items at home are well-organized. In this sense, opt to give glass jars with bamboo lids as they are highly beneficial in any home to help them organize their items. For instance, they can use it to store salt and sugar, and other condiments that ants can’t reach. Also, it helps keep your foods securely sealed to keep them fresh and clean.

Final Thoughts

Giving gifts is not easy, especially if you don’t know the person’s personal preferences for the housewarming party. You want to provide the best and, if possible, the trendiest item to match the new home designs. But don’t worry because the guide above could help you decide on which piece would be the best to give this 2022 housewarming party.

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