Why bodysuits need to be on your wishlist right now

When it’s time to accentuate your torso, smooth out that figure a little more, or find a simple but convenient way of accessorizing your outfits effectively, it’s time to stop eyeing up those bodysuits online and get them in your checkout basket!

Unless you’ve been on a social media cleanse, chances are you’ve seen countless people sing the praises of this versatile must-have garment. But are you unsure of what they actually do? 

What is a bodysuit?

Have you ever seen those one-piece clothing items that sort of look like a swimsuit or a leotard? That’s a bodysuit. Unlike a swimsuit, it has various fabrics, cuts, and designs. At the top, a bodysuit seems like any other kind of blouse, t-shirt, or deep v-neck you could wear. But at the bottom of this top, there’s a panty covering the torso and hips as well. 

For ease of access during bathroom visits, these full-coverage pieces of clothing tend to have snaps or buttons at the crotch. 

Why is the world so obsessed with them?

If that’s all there is to a bodysuit, then why is your social media feed full of celebrities, influencers, and friends who are all singing their praises and modeling them on a regular basis? 

Well, for one thing, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Kim Kardashian’s range of SKIMS bodysuits is taking social media by storm. But aside from the business and marketing intelligence of one of the world’s most famous businesswomen, there are many other benefits to wearing a bodysuit. 

Here are just a few reasons why they need to be at the top of your current online wishlists. 

Effortless style in all seasons 

Bodysuits provide you with a simple and stylish solution for the constant tucking and re-tucking that’s needed over the course of a day. The flawless tuck eliminates that annoying little bulk that comes when fabric sits awkwardly on the waistline. 

They also offer you easy and accessible layering options as well. They can be worn under your favorite fall sweater, your coziest winter jacket, or even that band t-shirt you’ve been desperate to wear at your next live gig. 


The wide range of style options you have with a bodysuit doesn’t just end at its adaptability. No matter what you choose to wear, comfort has never been easier to achieve across all outfits and occasions. 

By hugging and supporting your figure the right way, bodysuits give you the perfect ratio of tight/relaxed. This allows your body to accentuate each curve to complement your body in a convenient range of top/bottom clothes combinations. 

Flattering to your figure 

And yes, bodysuits are extremely flattering to your body! It hugs your curves while smoothing out the surface of your shape, giving you more confidence in your body when you’re out in the world. 

Your body is already beautiful, and you should never change it for anyone but yourself. However, the self-esteem boost that a bodysuit gives you can inspire you to walk with a little more swagger and to feel proud of how you look. 


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