Six Reasons to Support Small Businesses

You may hear the phrase support small businesses a lot when you are shopping. Whether you’re out in public or you are shopping online, there is a good reason for supporting small businesses. Small businesses are often run by one or maybe two people at a time, and they are small and categorized that way because these businesses are also often run from home. 


Someone has decided to create something that they believe that you will love, whether it’s a website such as, or you are looking at an Etsy store that has just started its new beginnings, choosing one of these stores is better. Far better than a fast fashion giant who pays very low wages to the makers and churns out huge amounts of product and therefore raking in revenue, supporting a small business can make a big difference to somebody personally and not just a large and faceless corporation. Here are six good reasons that you should support a small business.

  • There is somebody smiling every time you click purchase. We talked about the fact that small businesses are not nameless and faceless corporations, and that means that every time you buy something, you’re making somebody’s dream come true. When you support a small business and you purchase something from the website, you are supporting somebody’s dream.
  • You are supporting sustainability. Nearly every single small business is a blueprint for putting people on the planet first. When you buy from a smaller business over a fast fashion giant, you are picking to buy from somebody who is looking to earn a living using products that are better for the environment. There are many small businesses out there, and they are constantly working to reduce their environmental footprint while increasing their social footprint. You get to be a part of that transition.
  • Small business owners prioritize quality. Fast fashion is mass produced, which means you were going to find 1 billion pieces of clothing looking exactly the same and fitting exactly the same on the same amount of people. With smaller businesses, every single piece that you buy is unique. Everything down to the packaging has been considered, and everything has been checked with the hands and eyes of a human being for both actions. That means you’re not worrying about buttons being missing or zippers not zipping right because machinery hasn’t made this, somebody has with their love.
  • You are giving back to the local community. Small businesses are often very charitable at heart, and most of them are no exception to this. They will work with small communities to empower you to in turn, empower the locals. They often have charity drives and funding events that they support and sponsor for local schools, and you’ll find that small business owners are keen to get involved with charities and local funding options. Large corporations may stuff money in the hands of charities, but that doesn’t mean anything when it’s under the table and usually in the form of a bonus to the CEO. Smaller businesses offer their name, the face and their labor and offer them for free. That’s the kind of thing you should want to support.
  • Customer service is always responsive. Because when you deal with small businesses you are dealing with a smaller team, you’re often able to talk to the owner of the business so if there are any mistakes – which is quite rare that you will find that you could talk to the owner of the business directly and rectify that mistake with them. You can help them to make a difference with every single purchase, and they will always be on hand to answer your order inquiries. They are even there to receive your feedback even if they don’t like what you have to say.
  • You’re going to feed back into the economy. Small businesses often don’t have employees because I can’t afford them, but if you can buy from a small business, you’re going to help to build the local court economy and feed the community in a good way. You may even help a business owner to hire somebody that they can work with. This can make all the difference to the business and its growth, while you may not think that your contribution means very much, you can bet that to the business owner directly? It’s going to be an absolutely massive deal. Taking your time to choose the right small business owner is your only worry.




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