Self-Care Tips When You’re Feeling Down

Everyone has days when they feel a little down. This is different from being diagnosed with depression – depression is a medical condition that you should seek help from professionals for – but is actually more to do with your hormones, your environment, your circumstances, and sometimes it’s even down to low blood sugar. There are many reasons why you might feel down, but the good news is there are many reasons to help yourself feel good again. Read on to find out what some of them are. 


Take A Day Off Work

Today’s work hard, play hard, fast-paced atmosphere can test even the strongest of us, and our bodies and minds tell us to power through at times. Taking time off occasionally for mental health reasons is acceptable. Perhaps a day of snacking, resting, and watching television is what the doctor ordered if you woke up feeling stressed and like you just couldn’t go to work. In the long run, your productivity and overall mental health will benefit from such breaks.


Call A Friend 

We sometimes need to be reminded that people care about us, and sometimes we need to use that love to get some attention. Even though a friend or partner shouldn’t take the place of professional help, don’t be afraid to talk to someone you care about when you’re feeling down. That’s why you have friends.


Go To The Gym

When you have a feeling horribly down, going to the gym can seem like a waste of time. How is it going to help? The truth is, it really can. Just watch some mindless TV on your phone while you ride a stationary bike to get your heart rate up. Endorphins are released during physical activity, and this has been shown to improve mood. You know how good you feel after a killer workout? That’s because of the endorphins. Once you’ve gotten off the sofa and onto the cardio machine, even ten minutes of work can do wonders for your mood.


Have Something To Eat Or Drink

When we’re sad, we don’t always feel like eating. That makes sense. But our bodies can’t work without calories. Skipping meals can make you feel dizzy and out of it. It can also make you feel more stressed and depressed. So, being sad can make you not want to eat, but not eating can make you feel even worse. Try a juice or smoothie that is good for you, or treat yourself to a milkshake.


Get Your Health Checked

Maybe you think you know why you’re feeling bad, and you don’t think it’s anything to worry about. But is it really? If you noticed you had high-frequency hearing loss, you’d see a specialist. If you had a toothache or painful gums, you’d go to the dentist. If your vision was blurry, you’d get help. The same should be true for your mental health. It’s true you might feel better soon, but it’s also true that you might have a deeper issue, and a professional will be able to help. 

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