6 Household Problems to Solve Before Going On Vacation

If there’s one thing every household looks forward to every year, it’s the chance to get away for a few nights, a week, or even longer for their vacation. Whether you travel across the oceans or get out of the city and shack up in your cabin by the lake, a vacation gives everyone the chance to relax. 

But, you don’t want to come back to a house that looks like a bull charged through it, nor do you want to risk break-ins or other types of damage. Before you go on vacation, there are several essential household problems you need to solve, and here they are. 

Home Security 

Going on vacation is the prime time for burglars to try to gain access to your home, especially if you make it obvious you’re not in the house. You can get your neighbors to keep a close eye on your property, but you can’t expect them to do this all the time. 

There are steps you can take to protect your property and increase home security while you’re away. One long-term solution is to replace your windows and upgrade them to something sturdier. If you don’t have time to wait, you can purchase timed lights which will activate periodically to conjure the illusion that someone is home. 


Hopefully, you never need to deal with infestations in your home. The problem is that, in many cases, it can be too late before you realize there is a nest of ants, a hive of bees, or a den of bigger critters who have shacked up in your home. 

But, there are signals to look for that can keep your home hygienic and infestation-free. Marks on the floor, droppings and noises in the walls could all point to pest infestations. You don’t want to let them run wild while you’re away, so booking a Pest Exterminator to solve the problem is essential. 

Dripping Taps and Leaky Pipes 

Similarly, dripping taps and leaky pipes can cause significant household problems, and if you allow them to drip for too long, you could cause rot, mold, humidity, and more. 

It’s wise to search around your house to identify any damp areas and get these fixed before jetting off. You can also look under the sink for puddles. If you’re unable to fix these immediately, you can place a large bucket beneath to catch the water and locate your internal stop tap to switch the water off at the source. 

Switch Off Appliances 

No matter where you are, you’ve likely experienced soaring energy bills, and you shouldn’t have to spend money on energy you’re not using. The problem is vampire appliances and standby charges, which consume small but noticeable amounts of energy just by items being plugged in. 

This habit of wasting energy can drain your bank account and also affect overall energy consumption, which could damage the environment. Like switching off your water tap, go around the house, and unplug everything you can, such as the TV or speakers. However, you can keep the refrigerator and freezer plugged in to prevent food wastage. 

Keeping the Plants Alive 

If you love having plants in the house, you don’t want to come back to see them brown and wilted. Arranging to have your plants cared for before you leave can save you a lot of stress, so speak to friends or family and have them come over. 

If you can’t arrange this, you can water them before you leave, especially if you have plants that don’t need too much water. If the opposite is true, a drip bottle inserted into the soil can provide a steady stream of moisture without overwatering your favorite plants. 


No one wants to come back to a messy home. So, even if you feel too busy packing and arranging other vacation details, cleaning before you leave is still beneficial. 

You don’t need to deep clean the house, but cleaning the dishes and bathroom, changing the sheets, and sweeping and vacuuming the floors means you come back to a bright and welcoming household. As you may be a little exhausted after a full day (or more) of travel, you can just relax and reminisce on your vacation with your family. 

Stress-Free Vacation 

The last thing you want is to have your vacation ruined because you’re worried you didn’t switch the water off, close the windows, or left a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. If you solve all of these issues before you lock your door, you can enjoy a stress-free vacation and return to a clean and secure house. 

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