Why Say Yes to a Credit Card

If you have ever been in the financial bind, the chances are high that you have considered applying for credit. The problem with this is that most people don’t know what they are getting into when they go and apply for a credit card or manager. Insight, people often forget that credit is a big deal. Having a credit card and a mortgage and even a car on finance is a big decision. 

There is a lot of responsibility surrounding having credit and one false move can ruin your credit score for yes. Using websites such as Compare Credit, will help you to understand where you should be getting the best deals on credit and what the interest rates will be. Despite the doom and gloom behind it, if you are well versed, you should be saying yes to a credit card. Here are some of those reasons below.

  • Travel. Most people don’t realize this but your credit card can really help you when it comes to travel. Not just paying for travel expenses, but building points and earning rewards to travel to new places. You don’t have to worry about exchange prices or carrying around too much cash, and one of the main benefits is using your credit card while traveling so that you can get your money back if your car is stolen. It’s always best to choose foreign currency when you can, and you should always check the coverage of your credit card before you travel with it.
  • As an emergency backup. A credit card in your wallet may give you a line of rescue if something goes wrong and you have an emergency. Whether it’s a fire in your home and you need somewhere to stay, or you are abroad and something gets stolen, or your fridge is on the way out and you need to replace it. Your credit card is going to help to rescue you in these situations, and it is something that you can use in emergencies and feel confident and comfortable that you have a backup plan.
  • To build your credit rating. Using your credit card for daily purchases has a range of benefits. You can track your spending, you can use your card and repay the debt any time which helps you to build your credit score, you can use it when you are awaiting your payday and you have groceries to buy, you see there are many many benefits to building your credit rating with a credit card.
  • Reward systems. Almost every credit card out there has a reward system that gives you money for each payment that you make. Miles for a travel or vouchers or even cashback offers are available with such a credit card and using comparison websites can help you to decide which ones are right for you.


If you have been on the fence about having a credit card until this point hopefully you can see that there are some benefits. As always, make sure that you spend responsibly.


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