Why Moving is Fun!

Whenever you talk to somebody about moving house what is the general consensus? Are they talking about it being a stressful situation? Do they discuss moving as a huge burden and something to be worried over? It’s often the opinion of people that move into a new house takes up too much time, money and effort and it’s not worth the stress until after you move in. 

The thing is, household moving can be one of the most fun experiences that you ever have. Instead of just moving from one place to another with your furniture, you have to look at it as the adventure that it really is. If you’re moving abroad, for example, moving is going to be really fun! There’s a lot of hassle and glitches that come with shifting from one house to the next, but there’s also a lot of novelty of the experience that nobody can really deny.

The planning, setting up, the declaration, there are so many things that are going to make your house move experience one of the best things that you ever do. Below, we have accumulated a list of reasons as to why moving house is so much fun. 

  • That new paint smell. Okay so it’s not just the smell, but the fact that you have just decorated and freshened up an empty space for you to make your own. Being able to stab your personality over each room of the new house is one of the most exciting reasons to move in the first place. That smell of fresh paint is going to help you to create a cool memory that this house move – this brand-new house move – is the best thing that you could do.
  • The potential. Seriously is there any better potential than what comes in all the rooms of a new home? Being able to move room to room and seeing it unfold before your eyes as part of the experience on the phone. You can plan every knock and cranny of the space, you can figure out what’s going to go into every storage cabinet, and you can even figure out what colour scheme you’re going to use simply based on the room itself. You can use all of these new mental maps that you have created to set up your house quite differently from anything else you’ve ever had.
  • The chance to Declutter. When was the last time that you had a chance to declutter the home? You now have the chance to go through everything, make a list of what you’ve got, please set into boxes for the right rooms and find all of the lost things that haven’t really been lost – they’ve just been out of sight! When you are moving to a new home you have the chance to start again from scratch which gives you a chance to actually try to stay tidy unless Hoarder-like this time.

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