Make a house a home – decorating before you sell

When you make the decision to move elsewhere, you may have a number of housing options in mind. This could be more expensive than where you currently live, especially if you want more space, a higher number of bedrooms, or even to move to a nicer area. To be able to afford somewhere better without needing to extend your mortgage too much, you may want to think about trying to increase the value of your existing home.

Assistance from a broker

Some real estate brokers may offer a concierge service to help prepare your home for sale. This may come with a fee, as well extra costs to allow for the work to be completed, but it could help to improve your house value without you needing to put in much time or effort. When using this service, you may want to be sure of the legitimacy of the broker you use. Asking ‘is Compass real estate in trouble?’ can help you to figure out how well a real estate broker is doing, as well as if the services they provide may be right for you. Something as simple as looking at a company’s value can help you to see whether they are thriving or likely to go under in the near future. When it comes to Compass, they’re definitely a solid choice.

Paint color choices

You may be tempted to paint all the walls of your home white so that it is left as a blank canvas for the buyer. However, this could make your house look rather cold. Instead, giving it a little bit of personality, while still making it fairly simple to change, could generate more interest or even higher offers. Opting for subtle shades of gray could make your living room look classy. The type of paint you use, in terms of both quality and finish, could also be important. For example, it could be a good idea to use a finish that is easy to wipe and less likely to stain in the kitchen or bathroom so that it looks nicer for longer.

Only redo what is needed

You may think that you need to redecorate or renovate all the areas of your home. However, this might not be the case. Some ideas may be more beneficial than others. Replacing any cracked, broken, or unsightly areas may be a good idea. Certain replacements may also pay for themselves. As an example, changing an old garage door for a new one could see you regain that investment by increasing home value. However, replacing fairly new items with brand new ones may not reap as many benefits. Taking the time to think about what could do with a change, or what is fine being left as is, can help you to save money.

Selling your home could be a long, complicated process. By thinking about the decorating choices, you may be able to get a higher offer, allowing you to buy that better home you’ve been dreaming of.

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