Baby Incoming: Are You Ready For Your New Arrival?

Having a baby is one of the biggest life changes you’ll ever go through, so when you find out you’re expecting it’s worth getting prepared! There are a number of changes you might want to make to ensure your journey into parenthood runs as smoothly as possible. Here are some things to consider. 

Get your home baby ready

It might feel like a long way off until your newborn becomes mobile, but the time flies so it’s worth considering safety from the start. Move things like cleaning chemicals from low-down cupboards into higher ones, or purchase cupboard locks. Secure heavy furniture to the walls so that nothing can be pulled down, and ensure you have keys to be able to lock your windows- if not, you can buy window safety latches. Other ways you can get your home ready is by cleaning and organising, get rid of anything you no longer use so you can make space for the influx of baby items that will be coming into your home! If you have any niggling decorating and DIY jobs that need to be done, aim to have them done before the baby arrives so that it’s one less thing to worry about. One of the most exciting changes you’ll make to your home is setting up the nursery. Even if your baby wont be sleeping there for a while, it’s useful to be able to put away their clothes, toys and keepsakes. If you purchase a comfortable chair it’s a quiet, relaxing space you can sit and feed them, dress them and change them too. 

Consider a car upgrade

Is your current car suitable for a baby? Maybe you have a sports car which only has two seats, or perhaps your vehicle is old and doesnt have great safety features. You might already have other children and no space for another car seat. Whatever your situation, a new car might be needed for when your baby arrives. You can browse new and used cars on sites like Edmunds and filter through to narrow them down to find exactly what you’re after. Something with enough space to store a pram and good safety features are a must. If you plan on using an Isofix car seat base you’ll need to ensure the car you’re looking at is compatible. 

Prepare for postpartum

Finally, you’ll probably do lots of preparations for your baby arriving, from buying them clothes, a safe place to sleep, toys, blankets, a pram and more. But how about yourself? Postpartum is a challenging time, consider some essentials for yourself that will make life easier. This means that you’re able to focus your energy into caring for your baby without too many additional stresses. You could cook and freeze meals so you dont have to cook for a few weeks. You could purchase comfortable loungewear, and invest in some nice pampering products for yourself. You might not have much time for yourself, but you could pop your feet into a foot spa and a face mask on while you’re feeding the baby. Or lather on some luxury bodywash in the shower, even if your showers will be much shorter than they used to be!

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