A Furniture Buying Guide for Your New Home

If you’re moving into a new home, it can feel like you have to start from scratch. But if you’ve already started collecting furniture, there are still ways to fit everything in your new space. Here’s what we recommend for each room of the house:


● Beds: You have the option to buy a bed frame, which can be more versatile in the long run. It will allow you to switch out your mattress easily. If you’re looking for something that’s more permanent and isn’t change much, then a headboard-and-footboard combo is probably best for you.

● Bedside Tables: These should always be at least 5 inches away from the wall so that they don’t bump into it when you get up in the middle of the night—or if you want to lean over them for another reason (say, reading in bed).

● Dressers: A smaller one will work fine if it fits nicely next to your bed and accommodates all your stuff. A larger dresser works well if there’s enough space available in your room!

● Nightstands are optional but worth having if they fit into your budget or style preferences. Nightstands shouldn’t take up too much space since they don’t need much room around them either. If you buy one, keep it at least 6 inches away from any other furniture pieces so that little hands won’t accidentally hit anything dangerous in the middle of the night.

Living Room

In the living room, the furniture should be comfortable. If you spend a lot of time in your living room, then you need furniture that will make you feel good. It’s also essential for the furniture to be sturdy to withstand everyday use. It should also be attractive for aesthetic and functional purposes (for example, if something breaks or becomes damaged). So how do we know whether or not our choice of chairs is affordable? This is where shopping around comes in handy!

This may seem common sense but when looking at different pieces of furniture before purchasing them, ask yourself what they’ll look like once they’re actually in your home. Will they fit nicely into the space? Can they hold up under wear and tear? Are any hidden costs associated with upkeep, such as cleaning materials, necessary because of wear over time on certain fabrics used by different manufacturers? Does this style complement other pieces already owned within this same category, such as an ottoman versus couch/chair set purchased earlier down the road?

The one piece of furniture you need to get for comfortable living is a chair or a sofa piece. A house is simply not a house if it does not have one of these items. While there are different options across various materials, I recommend a big man recliner to everyone. A recliner does not only provide you with a sitting space but also gives you the comfort and relaxation you want. A big man recliner is better as it will provide you with more space and comfort, especially if you are a tall, muscled man. Even if everyone in your family is of the average or tiny frame, anyone can relax on it comfortably due to the ample space. The best spot to put it is in front of the television.

Dining Room

When it comes to dining tables, many people get hung up on the size. They think that if they have more than eight people in their household, they need to get a table that can seat 10 or 12. This isn’t always the case! The best thing you can do is measure your dining area and ensure that you have enough space for everyone using the table at mealtime.

Another essential feature is sturdiness: no one wants to sit down for dinner at their family’s new house only to find out that their $3,000 furniture purchase was made from balsa wood! Make sure your chosen piece of furniture can hold up under pressure by testing it out before purchasing; this means having all your books and magazines piled up on top of it (and then adding some weight!). If you’ve selected an antique piece with delicate carvings or intricate inlays, don’t worry about scratching them up—it’ll just give them character!


Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so you want to ensure you have everything you need. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a kitchen has enough storage space. You should also think about what kind of appliances and features you’d like—or even if having appliances at all is something that fits into your lifestyle.

If family gatherings are important to you, look for a table with plenty of seating options. If relaxing after dinner is more up your alley, look for comfortable chairs or

perhaps an area rug where friends can sit together while enjoying conversation over coffee or tea. If cooking for others gives you joy (and who doesn’t love feeding people?), then having an appliance that makes cooking easier could be helpful—or maybe even essential!

And if taking care of dirty dishes isn’t precisely how anyone wants to spend their free time but still needs regularly doing? Well, there’s a dishwasher out there with room inside its stainless steel walls for all those dirty pots and pans—and yours too!


You’re probably thinking, “What do I need to know about bathroom furniture? It all seems pretty straightforward.” Well, you’re right, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking at buying your new bathroom set.

● Buying new bathroom furniture can be expensive – If you want to ensure that your purchase’s quality is high, this can make it more costly than other purchases. However, if you want something that will stand up over time and last through wear and tear, it could be worth spending a little extra on now.

● Bathroom furniture can be hard to clean – This isn’t always true for every piece of furniture; however, some pieces may have surfaces or finishes that draw dust or dirt from skin contact more quickly than others, such as chrome. If this is important for your needs, then it’s best not to go cheap just because prices might seem lower elsewhere!

● Bathroom furniture can get dirty fast – Since many items are used daily by lots of people who may not always wash their hands after using them (or even before!), keeping surfaces clean becomes essential! Soap scum builds up quickly, making cleaning even harder than usual.”

Furniture Stores Are Having a Lot of Sales Right Now

One of the best ways to get a good deal on furniture is by shopping at the end of a season. Right now, most furniture stores are having huge sales and discounts on many different types of items. Furniture stores often offer deep discounts during their last week or two before closing for a given season. If you can keep buying new furniture until then, you’ll likely save some money.

Another thing that can help you save money is buying discounted items online instead of in person at an actual store. Online stores often have great deals because they don’t have any overhead costs associated with operating an actual physical location.

Therefore, they can pass along savings directly to their customers by offering lower prices than brick-and-mortar stores with storefronts do!


We hope this guide has helped you understand some of the basics of buying furniture. Many stores in your area have great furniture deals right now, so don’t wait any longer! It’s time to get new items for your home or apartment and make it a more comfortable place to live.

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