6 Tips for Growing Confidence After Childbirth

It’s amazing what the body can do. During those nine months of pregnancy, the body goes through so many changes. It can be an exciting (and scary) time for new mothers, as they’re feeling sensations that have never been felt before. But with all of these changes, there are going to be some mixed feelings. It’s no doubt that in motherhood, even in the stages of pregnancy, there are a lot of societal pressures. Now, once the baby is out, this pressure is tenfold. 

Unfortunately, there are expectations due to social media, TV, movies, magazines, and even the past that have this societal standard that basically make women feel guilt and pressure if they are not instantly on their feet looking and feeling as good as they did before pregnancy. It’s just literally not possible. While society may have unrealistic expectations, it can be difficult to just instantly ignore them. So, as a new mother, how can you get yourself to feel confident, to feel good about yourself? Well, this post will tell you about some different ways!

Why Women Lose Their Confidence After Childbirth

Before diving into how a new mother can build up confidence, it’s best to explore why it’s lost in the first place. Women’s self-esteem and confidence can be challenged during pregnancy and childbirth. Women often feel like they are not good enough for their partners or for themselves. While it’s sadly normal that women experience this dip before, or even after childbirth, there are some reasons behind it.

-Women have been taught that their worth is based on how they look and not who they are.

-It’s hard to get back into shape after pregnancy because of the changes in hormones, sleep deprivation, and stress.

-The lack of support from family, friends, or partners can make things worse because it makes women feel isolated.

-Women may not be getting enough sleep due to caring for their newborns which could lead to a negative mood or anxiety.

-Societal standards

-Other women such on social media show off how they look after childbirth

So, with these six reasons alone, it can be so difficult to keep or gain confidence. While the sacrifices you make when having a kid can indeed affect your mentality of yourself, there are things that can be done about it.

How to Build Your Confidence as a New Mother

The first few months of a new mother’s life are filled with many different emotions. It is not easy to be a new parent, but it can be made easier if you know some tips to help you. So, here are some different ways to build back confidence as a new mother.

Just take care of yourself

So, just think about what is going to make you feel good about yourself. Maybe you’d like to be a candidate for a mommy makeover or something such as a new haircut and clothes that could get you to feel beaming. Even though there has now been this change in your body, there is a chance that things that have made you feel good before will still be able to have just as much as a positive impact on you. 

Just take care of yourself and try out some things that may make you feel confident. Buy a new outfit, do something with your hair, have some quality time with your partner, pamper yourself, and maybe even give daily affirmations a go too!

Stay healthy

You wouldn’t believe how much health can positively impact your state of mind. Sometimes, just getting regular exercise, having a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep (which could seem impossible) are some of the best ways to get yourself feeling completely confident. Remember, it’s not always about how you look, but also how you feel.

Find a support system

This can include family, friends, or even a community such as mothers who have been there before. They will be able to better relate to your feelings. There are plenty of new mother forums online, and even Facebook groups could also be a great option. Just having a community that knows what you’re feeling, and who is able to give you a solid perspective will be able to immensely help you out.

Practice patience with yourself

When it comes to building confidence for yourself, it’s just going to be something that’s going to take some time. This obviously isn’t ideal, but this is the truth. Just be patient with yourself. When it comes to building confidence, as long as you’re in a healthy environment filled with love and support, you’re only going to mentally challenge yourself to feel good. Confidence is one of those things that can be difficult to have and keep. But if you start feeling bad, just argue those negative thoughts, and counteract them. Just challenging these negative thoughts alone will definitely help you out.

Don’t compare yourself to other moms or mothers in the past or present

Whether you’re browsing through Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or whatever, if you see a selfie of a mom bragging about how to get she looks in her bikini just weeks after giving birth, try to not get upset over this. Everybody is completely different. Each woman handles pregnancy in a different way. Plus, when it comes to social media, it can be very hard to determine what’s real and what isn’t thanks to apps like Facetune, Photoshop, or filters.

Learn about postpartum depression

When it comes to being a new mother or even if you’re on your second, or third baby, PPD can happen. This can be overwhelming to deal with, so make sure you let your doctor know how you’re feeling so they can help you out. A lot of new mothers go through PPD. Due to the hormones, the changes, and the lack of sleep that comes with having a baby, just all of this hits at you very hard. So, if you feel like you have lost all confidence, there could be a chance that this has something to do with it. 

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