4 Useful Tips for Maintaining a Pellet Stove

Maintaining a pellet stove is not as difficult as it may seem. While fireplaces and wood stoves create a lot of dirt and generate ash, with a pellet stove, combustion is more regulated, and the amount of ash produced is significantly less, especially when you use high-quality pellets.

That is why the maintenance operations of pellet stoves take no longer than a few minutes. Below, we provide four valuable tips for maintaining a pellet stove that will help keep your pellet stove burning and operating at its best.

1: Boost Efficiency with Routine Soot Sweeps

To maintain pellet stove parts for less effort, brush away collected ash, soot, and sawdust every week. Cleaning the feed areas and the hopper is not tricky, but visit the site to buy accessories such as a cleaning set with an ergonomic dustpan and broom to simplify your job.

Before you sweep excess ash, soot, and sawdust away, ensure that the pellet stove has cooled. Use fire-resistant tools to do this and ensure that you dispose of ash safely to avoid re-ignition.

2: Clean Your Stove’s Window Regularly

To maintain your pellet stove parts for less time, clean your pellet stove windows every week. Ash, soot, and grime build up quickly on the glass, blackening your view. If you put off cleaning until the end of the season, the cleanup may take more time than a weekly wipe-down.

Before cleaning the glass, ensure that it has cooled off completely. Also, use a lint-free cloth or newsprint as a cleaning rag and dampen the rag with water or vinegar to wipe away the glass.

3: Use High-Quality Pellets

When you use premium-grade wood pellets, your heating costs may go up a bit compared to standard wood pellets. However, with premium grade pellets, you avoid the soot and ash buildup common with standard pellets, making the extra expense beneficial.

To maintain pellet stove parts for less effort, use pellets with a moisture content of 10% or less. If your pellet stove also burns wood shavings, corn kernels, and nut shells, buy the highest quality of these alternative fuels.

Use fuels without multiple types of glue and fillers to avoid excess smoke, soot, and ash in your pellet stove. Additionally, look for pellets that are PFI (Pellet Fuels Institute) certified.

4: To Maintain Pellet Stove Parts For Less Money, Service Your Pellet Stove Each Autumn

Have your local fireplace service your pellet stove each autumn. The professionals know how to check for dirty, broken, or missing components in your pellet stove. The professionals can also maintain pellet stove parts for less money by lubricating and replacing parts as needed, checking whether all parts are functioning optimally, and spotting and fixing problems before they morph into costly repairs.

Maintain Your Pellet Stove

If you fail to maintain your pellet stove, it might not work as well over time, you can lose airflow, temperature control, and the ability to light your stove, and you risk damaging your heating equipment. By following the above tips, you can perform maintenance operations on your pellet stove and improve its lifespan by years.

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