What to Do With Your Child on Evenings, Weekends and Breaks

During the week, our children are usually occupied. This is simple. You drop them off to school in the morning and you pick them up at the end of the school day. This allows you to get on with whatever you need to do in the gap in between. This could be work, housework, food shopping, catching up with your own social commitments, exercise or anything else. Of course, this doesn’t constitute all of the hours you need to keep your little one occupied. So what should you do with them during the evenings, weekends, school breaks and other times that they might be away from the classroom? Here are a few suggestions that can help you along the way to occult their time.

After School Clubs

Working longer hours that mean you can’t pick your kid up from school until a little later than the end of the school day? Don’t fret. Many parents are in the exact same situation. This is why after school clubs have been developed. They tend to be clubs that children can attend where they will be occupied with tasks, play and fun until you’re ready to collect them. There tend to be all sorts of after school clubs out there, so encourage your child to pick one that ticks their boxes and will keep them happy during this extra time at school. Some will want something arts and crafts based, some may want to join a gardening club, some may like to try their hand at a cookery club – the list goes on.


Most kids have homework and it’s up to you to ensure that they do it and that they do it to a high standard. Chances are, some element of your child’s evening or weekend should be dedicated to homework of some sort. You should ensure that they keep on top of this, and you may also want to help in some way or another. This doesn’t mean doing the homework for them. Instead, it means assisting them, clearing up confusion, answering questions and guiding them in the right direction to success. You may want to use resources like homeschooling worksheets,

TV and Films

Looking for a low cost way to occupy your little ones – perhaps while you’re preparing dinner, perhaps while you’re all relaxing together? This is where TV shows and films can come to the rescue. There are countless child-friendly shows and films out there that you can all enjoy for little to no cost. Ideally, this will be something that you can all enjoy together, rather than a firm favourite kids show that your kid seems a little obsessed with. Cuddle up on the sofa under a blanket, make sure everyone’s comfortable with drinks and snacks and get the film started.


Walks may not sound like the most fun activity, but remember that for children, the world is still a place of discovery and excitement. Going on a simple walk is a great way to get htem out of the house and to encourage learning and expiration. Choosing a safe, but scenic location, can give them a taste of nature. Take time to identify different things as you go by. This could be types of trees, the fruit or nuts they produce, different type s of wildlife, how they look and sound, what prints they leave… your child wil be in awe and it will serve as a great practical education for them at the same time.


Why not arrange a playdate for your children with another friend from school. Many parents enjoy this as a good way to share responsibility of their children, having an evening off while their kid is at someone else’s house and then relieving the pressure on that person by having their kid on another day that suits them. This is also a great way to encourage socialisation. Your child will get much better at key social skills, learning to get on with tohers, share and more. This could be a particularly beneficial activity for only children.

Arts and Crafts

Most children enjoy a good arts and crafts project. These projects can quickly get messy, so make sure that they take place in an appropriate area of your home that is covered where possible. This could mean lying a protective sheet down over carpet or wooden flooring. Whether you’re helping your little ones glue a paper mosaic, glitter a card, create bookmarks or anything else, there are plenty of paper based activities that can prove to be a lot of fun. If you’re lost for inspiration, look online. This doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make all sorts of wonders from household objects and some basic supplies like glue, paint or coloring pencils.

Family Visits

Kids tend to really enjoy visiting their extended family. So, why not arrange a couple of days a month (if possible) where they visit their loved ones for fun activities and to share some quality time together. This will require some collaboration, but it’s more than worth the final results.

Days Out

You don’t have to do a big day out every wekened. But if possible, try to arrange one each month or every other month. This will give your children something to really look forward to. There are countless children friendly activities out there. You could take them to a castle or ancient ruin. You could take them to an amusement park with rides. You could go for a picnic in the woods or a local park. You could head to the local swimming baths to paddle and play. The list goes on. Whatever you choose, a big day out can make a profound difference to your children, their happiness and their interests.

It really is important to keep your child happy and occupied when it comes to maximising the time spent with them on evenings, weekends and breaks. Hopefully, some of the ideas we’ve discussed here will serve as good inspiration for you!

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